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Calamity Skin Glitch: Everything You Need To Know

The Calamity skin glitch of Fortnite has confused its players causing weird visuals.

It is the newest skin available from the Season 6 battle pass, however, it has been dawned to be the most controversial skin.

Calamity Skin is acquired by purchasing the battle pass of Season 6. The skin has been through many glitches since its release raising confusion among the players.

Here we will discuss the details of Calamity skin and its glitching issue in Fornite.

What Is Skins In Fortnite?

Skins in Fortnite are the outfits and appearances the players can choose from.

They provide players with a stylish look to make them stand out from the crowd.

Apart from sprucing up your look, skins also provide a functional approach to the players.

In fact, they can be quite helpful and can even help you win games and other benefits.

For example, the Hangtime skin can prove your skills in high-flying while the Chun-Li skin provides kicks.

Therefore, they are not just to make your appearance stylish but serve as a plus point for your character.

Furthermore, Fortnite provides a wide array of selection of skins that you can choose from.

Therefore, you must choose a skin that suits your playstyle and preference.

Also, you can obtain skins in Fortnite through a handful of methods.

One of the most popular methods to obtain skins is a battle pass.

However, any battle pass should be purchased with real money while making in-game purchases.

Another free method through which you can obtain skin is by completing special events.

Sometimes participating and completing special events like Winterfest can reward you with a skin.

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What Is The Calamity Skin In Fortnite

Calamity Skin in Fortnite is the newest skin available from Season 6.

The skin is obtained by purchasing the Season 6 battle pass of the game.

Furthermore, Calamity Skin is available to players in Chapter 1 of Season 6.

In appearance, the Calamity Skin features a cowboy girl with a white tank and denim shorts.

Furthermore, the character features a cowboy hat and some cowboy boots.

In addition, the Calamity Skin is customizable, meaning players can choose different add-ons.

You can customize the accent colors of the hat and jacket of the skin.

Also, you can choose an entirely different outfit, the leather pantsuit.

Additionally, you can add a long leather trench coat to the leather pantsuit.

Moreover, the Calamity Skin is part of the Western Wilds theme in Fortnite.

Along with the Calamity Skin, the Dire Skin is also available in Season 6 of the game.

The Calamity Skin Glitch

The Calamity skin is one of the most controversial skin of Fortnite due to a feature.

In addition, the feature made the character’s body parts move inappropriately.

Although Fortnite has patched up that particular glitch, the skin is still broken.

A Youtuber showed a particular process that caused the skin to glitch.

Furthermore, the skin glitch causes the character’s body to disappear while the outfit remains.

Here is the Youtube GKI’s process to get the Calamity skin glitch.

  1. First, equip the full leather pantsuit skin from the Outfit tab.
Calamity Outfit
The Calamity outfit to perform the glitch.
  1. Then, place a changing booth from the Creative tab.
Changing Booth
Place the Changing booth in a nearby area.
  1. After the tab, drop some of the stink bombs near the changing booth.
Stink bomb
Drop some stink bombs to use later in the changing booth.
  1. Start the game and play till your HP is 50.
  2. When your HP hits 50, use the stink bomb near the changing booth.
  3. Enter the changing booth and change your outfit before you die.
  4. Then, leave the changing booth when you die.
Calamity skin glitch
The Calamity skin glitch causes the body of the character to disappear.

These steps will help you achieve the glitch where the character’s body disappears.

Fortnite team’s patch updates are pretty fast at patching up glitches and errors in the game.

The Bottom Line

Calamity Skin is the newest edition of skin on Season 6 of Fortnite.

The skin provides the appearance of a Cowgirl with functional benefits.

In addition, the skin is one of the controversial skins due to its glitches.

However, this glitch might be patched up by the time you are reading this article.

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