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Explore Ergo Wavelength Decoder In Lies Of P

 The Ergo Wavelength Decoder is an item in Lies of P, a dark, twisted, soulslike game.

Venigni, a mysterious character, gives you the Ergo Wavelength Decoder in the game.

The Ergo Wavelength Decoder is an essential item in Lies of P. It allows the player to learn more about the Puppet Frenzy and how to stop it.

This article examines the Ergo Wavelength Decoder in Lies of P and how to use it.

What Is Ergo Wavelength Decoder

The Ergo Wavelength Decoder appears in Lies of P as a memory.

It is a tool for decoding puppets’ Ergo wavelengths, which can provide details about the puppet frenzy.

Moreover, Venigni in the Hotel Krat gives the player the Wavelength Decoder.

Ergo wavelength decoder
Venigni is a mysterious character who claims to be able to decode the ergo of the puppets.

Venigni requests that the player gather Ergo wavelength records from Puppets so that the device can use them to decode them.

In the game, the wavelength decoder has two purposes.

It enables you to hear what the puppets in the boss fights are saying.

The puppets usually communicate in a chaotic and unintelligible manner.

However, with the decoder, you may comprehend what they are saying and discover more about their motivations and history.

Then, after beating the game once, you can only access this feature in New Game Plus mode.

Also, late in the game, it prompts a Truth or Lies choice that determines its resolution.

The decision is whether or not to employ Venigni’s decoder and whether or not to believe him.

Moreover, depending on your choice, you will get varied results and repercussions for yourself and the puppets.

How To Use Ergo Wavelength Decoder?

The player must first put on the Ergo Wavelength Decoder before interacting with the wavelength record.

After that, the decoder will show a series of symbols that can be read to show details on the Puppet Frenzy.

To use the Decoder in Lies of P, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Get the Decoder ready. To do this, open your inventory and choose the decoder.
  • Engage an Ergo wavelength record. You can find the game’s Puppets and other locales with wavelength records, which is the case.
  • You will see a list of symbols shown by the decoder. To learn more about the Puppet Frenzy, interpret the symbols.

The symbols displayed by the decoder can represent various things, such as locations, events, types of puppets, and their relationships.

You must consider the context in which the symbols are displayed to interpret them.

For example, a sign likely indicates something associated with a particular type of puppet if it appears next to a symbol that denotes that sort of puppet.

Tips For Using Ergo Wavelength Decoder

You can follow these steps to use the Ergo Wavelength Decoder efficiently:

  • Be mindful of the setting in which the symbols are presented.
  • Examine the symbols for patterns, if possible.
  • Try experimenting with various symbol readings if you find yourself stuck.
  • Discuss how other players interpret the symbols.

Hence, the Wavelength Decoder is crucial for overcoming the Puppet Frenzy.

Moreover, you can discover more about the Puppet Frenzy and how to stop it using the decoder to decode as many wavelength records as possible.

Also, it will allow you to discover all there is to know about the Puppet Frenzy and how to end it with some practice.

The Bottom Line

The Ergo Wavelength Decoder is a powerful tool that can help you learn more about the Puppet Frenzy and how to stop it.

Moreover, using the decoder to decode wavelength records.

You can reveal information about the types of Puppets, locations, events, and relationships between Puppets.

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