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How To Obtain Sagestone Ring In Remnant 2? 

One of the items that players can find in Remnant 2 is the Sagestone Ring.

It is a rare accessory that increases the number of experience points earned by 10%.

Likewise, players want to obtain it mainly because it increases the experience players gain in the game. 

To obtain the Sagestone Ring in Remnant 2, you need to explore the jungle world of Yaesha and hope for a random drop from enemies, chests, quests, or events. Alternatively, you can re-roll the world to generate a new version of Yaesha with different loot.

This article discusses the Sagestone ring and its location in Remnant 2.

What Is Sagestone Ring In Remnant 2? 

Sagestone Ring is an equipable accessory in Remnant 2. The ring provides one of the best early-game buffs to the players. 

The buff it provides is, it increases the experience the players gain by 10%

An increase in the experience gain percentage means players can access better perks and traits faster.

In the case of the Sagestone ring, it allows players to access the higher-level traits and perks 10% faster. 

Furthermore, the ring is a great accessory for the archetypes like the Challenger and Engineer as they become tankier with more levels in their traits. 

Sagestone ring increases experience earned
Sagestone ring increases earned experience by 10% in Remnant 2.

Nonetheless, the main use for the ring is to allow the players to gain 10% more experience and unlock various perks and traits faster. 

Furthermore, the ring increases the experience that players gain and does not provide any other additional stats or bonuses. 

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How To Obtain Sagestone Ring In Remnant 2? 

The Sagestone Ring is a random drop in Remnant 2. Thus, players cannot target farm the ring from a boss or find it in a secret area. 

However, the probability of dropping it is exceptionally high in the Yaesha world of Remnant 2. 

Here are the steps to obtain Sagestone Ring.

  1. Choose either campaign or adventure mode from the World Stone menu and select Yaesha as the destination.
  2. Explore the various locations on Yaesha, such as the Verdant Strand, the Scalding Glade, the Pan Flautist, and the Tempest Court. Look for enemies, chests, quests, and events that may drop the Sagestone Ring.
  3. If you find the Sagestone Ring, equip it on your character and enjoy the bonus experience points. If you don’t find it, you can either keep exploring or re-roll the world to generate a new version of Yaesha with different loot.
  4.  Repeat steps 2 to 4 until you obtain the Sagestone Ring or give up.

Some players claim that the ring is typically in the Nameless Nest in Yaesha. 

However, the information is just a claim. Furthermore, other players have also found the ring in various areas all over Yaesha. 

Thus, we cannot pinpoint the area players can explore to find the ring.

Despite this, the players can definitely find the ring within the Yaesha. 

That is the only lead that we currently have. 

Note: Players can couple the Sagestone Ring with the Scholar trait, increasing the experience that players gain by 15%. However, we are not sure if the increase is multiplicative or additive. But it is worth the try. 

The Bottom Line

An increase in experience gain can drastically elevate the gameplay experience for the players. 

The Sagestone ring is one of the items that allow the players to improve their gameplay through the increase in experience gain. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in finding the ring and increase the experience your character gains in Remnant 2. 

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