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Tame Wolves Lego Fortnite: A Complete Guide

Players need to tame wolves in Lego Fortnite to complete various quests, including wolves.

There are quests in Lego Fortnite that require players to tame and pet different animals in the game.

Players can tame wolves to get benefits such as tamed wolves assisting in attacks, moving to different locations sitting on its back, completing quests, etc.
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What Are Wolves In Lego Fortnite?

Wolves are one of the creatures in Lego Fortnite who have aggressive behavior.

Moreover, players can find these creatures in the grassy area such as Shattered Slabs, Frenzy Fields, etc.

Similarly, you can kill the wolves to get precious game items such as wolf claws, sand claws, etc.

In the same way, players can use weapons like pickaxes or swords to kill the wolves.

Killing wolves
Killing wolves to get wolf claws.

However, you can also tame wolves and pet them as a part of different quests in the game.

Additionally, the wolves will also assist you in combat with other players, although they have low damage force.

Furthermore, players can ride on the wolves which will allow them to move around quickly.

How To Tame Wolves In Lego Fortnite?

In order to tame wolves, you will have to find them first in the game.

Moreover, players can find the most number of wolves in the Weeping Woods area of the game map.

In the same way, wolves stay in their packs in the dark areas of the woods.

Similarly, players need to carry some meat with them to use it as bait for the Wolves.

You can obtain the meat by killing farm animals like chickens or a couple of wild boars.

taming wolves
Players taming wolves in the Lego Fortnite.

Additionally, players need to throw the meat near the wolves and get near them while they eat the meat.

However, you have to be careful about approaching wolves as they might attack you at any time.

Therefore, players can get to some higher surface or safe area before throwing the meat at them.

Furthermore, once you see the blue area below the wolves while eating the meat, you have to approach it.

Finally, you will be able to tame the wolves if you don’t miss the blue area spawn time.

Pet Tamed Wolves Quest In Lego Fortnite

There is a quest in Lego Fortnite where you have to pet the tamed wolves in different matches.

Moreover, you can access this quest from the Lagoon Party Time section of the Quest menu.

Similarly, players can play any matches they want and find the wolves to pet them.

Additionally, there’s a map called Wild Summer Red Vs Blue which was created by Fallzera.

Pet Tamed Wolves Quest
Starting the Pet Tamed Wolves Quest.

Furthermore, you can get onto this map and instantly find the wolves there.

In the same way, players will need to get on top of the wolves and pet two of them to complete this quest.

In addition, you will get 30,000 XP as a reward for completing this quest in Lego Fortnite.

The Bottom Line

Overall, players will not find it easy to tame the wolves in Lego Fortnite however, the rewards for taming them are much.

Moreover, you can find wolves in grassy areas and either kill them to get wolf claws or pet them to make them fight along with you.

Similarly, players can complete the Pet Tamed Wolves quest to get huge rewards of 30,000 XP.

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