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How To Fix Failed To Export Profile Issue In Thunderstore?

In Thunderstore, you might have encountered an error which is when you failed to export your profile.

Unfortunately, even after trying a few measures, users cannot access the mod or have a concrete solution.

Some users have reported getting an error message saying they failed to export their profile when they try to generate a code on Thunderstorm. Furthermore, to fix this issue, you can wait for a while and try again, restart Thunderstorm, etc.

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What Is Failed To Export Profile In Thunderstore?

Failing to export a profile is an error that occurs when Thunderstore Mod Manager cannot connect to their server.

Moreover, a profile is a collection of mods that you have installed and configured for your game.

Thunderstore Mod Manager allows you to export your profile as a code, which you can then share with others.

However, sometimes Thunderstorm Mod Manager fails to export your profile, and you get an error message like this:

Error message
Error message: Failed to export profile in Thunderstore.
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Why Does Failed To Export Profile Happen?

There are several possible reasons why Thunderstore Manager fails to export your profile as code. Some of them are:

1. Thunderstore Website Is Down Or Undergoing Maintenance

This is the most common cause of the error, and it usually resolves itself after some time.

Furthermore, you can also check the status of the Thunderstore website.

The Thunderstore website is down suggesting a blocked message.

2. Your Internet Connection Is Unstable Or Slow

This can prevent the Thunderstore Mod Manager from properly communicating with the Thunderstore website.

Likewise, you can try to restart your router, use a different network, or wait for a better connection.

3. Block From Firewall Or Antivirus

Your firewall or antivirus software is blocking Thunderstore Mod Manager from accessing the Thunderstore website.

This can happen if your security software considers Thunderstore Mod Manager as a potential threat.

Similarly, you can try to reset your firewall or antivirus settings, or temporarily disable them while exporting your profile.

4. Your Profile Is Too Large Or Contains Too Many Mods

This can cause Thunderstore to take a long time to process your profile or exceed the limit of the Thunderstore website.

Additionally, you can try to reduce the size or number of mods in your profile or split it into smaller profiles.

How To Fix Failed To Export Profile In Thunderstore?

If you encounter the failed to export profile error on Thunderstore, don’t panic.

There are some possible solutions that you can try to fix it. Here are some of them:

1. Wait For A While And Try Again Later

Sometimes the error is temporary and will resolve itself after some time.

You can also check the Thunderstore website or social media for any announcements or updates regarding the error.

2. Restart Thunderstore Or Your Computer

This can be caused by a minor glitch that can be fixed by restarting the program or the device.

This can refresh the system and clear any cache or memory issues that might interfere with Thunderstore.

3. Export Your Profile As A File Instead Of A Code

If the code option doesn’t work, you can try the file option instead.

This will create a zip file that you can send to your friends and they can import it on Thunderstore.

This option might work better if your profile has a lot of mods that Thunderstore cannot handle as code.

4. Check Your Mods For Compatibility Issues

Sometimes the error is caused by some of the mods that you have installed that are incompatible with Thunderstore.

You can try to uninstall or disable some of the mods that might be causing the problem and see if that fixes the error.

You can also check the mod descriptions or comments for any reports or warnings about compatibility issues.

The Bottom Line

Failing to export profiles is an error that Thunderstore Mod Manager users face when trying to export their modded profiles.

Likewise, this error can be caused by various factors, such as server issues, bugs, or mod compatibility problems.

However, there are some solutions that you can try to fix, such as waiting, restarting, and exporting as a file.

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