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How To Catch Pal In Palworld?

Palworld is a multiplayer monster-collecting game with survival elements of resource gathering, building, and creature collecting.

However, players will fight, farm, build, and work alongside mysterious creatures called “Pals” in the Palworld.

Pals are the creatures in Palworld that players can capture, pet, and train to perform different tasks. Hence, you can use spears, assault rifles, bows, and rocket launchers and aim for weak points of pals to catch them in Palworld.
Continue reading to learn how to catch Pals in Palworld.

Overview of Pals In Palworld

Pals are the little creatures with whom you will interact throughout the game.

You need to capture these creatures as each pal possesses various sets of skills that enhance their adventure journey in Palworld.

Moreover, players can train, use and sell pals for various purposes during their period of travelling.

Pals will help you while collecting various items, generating electricity, production and farming.

Moreover, you can also use pals while constructing the base buildings and assign pals other different tasks.

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Types Of Pals In Palworld

Players will encounter different types of pals along with formidable boss Pals throughout their journey.

Here are some of the Palworld pals that present different challenges and are available in early access.

1. Foxparks

This little fluffy fox Pal has fire on its legs and tail and can heat campfires and cooking pots.

It can use the FlameThrower attack to burn the group of enemies at once to great effect.

Foxparks, Pladeck no.1 consist the Flame element
Foxparks, Pladeck no.1, which have the Flame element.

2. Loupmoon

It is a tall, large, Pal who looks like a rabbit and who becomes more powerful in the dark moonlight.

Loupmoon’s defence stat is solid, is incredibly resistant, and helps you while crafting.

3. Tocotoco

Paldeck no. 017 is Tocotoco, a crazy bird pal that produces explosive eggs and fires and destroys the eggs when it senses danger.

Hence, this pal possesses a special skill, i.e., an egg grenade launcher to explode the opponent.

4. Pengullet

Paldeck No.022 presents Pengullet, a little penguin-like Pal whose partner skill is Pengullet Rocket Launcher.

Hence, this Pal petite wings reflect its place at the bottom of the waterfront’s food chain.

Pengullet, pladeck no. 22 able to craft and assembly in a factory line
Pengullet, Paldeck no. 22 in PalWorld.

Pal In Palworld: How To Catch It?

Catching Pal in the Palworld is not easy as some Pals are aggressive and may attack you, so players must be careful when capturing the Pals.

Moreover, players must have various weapons to catch Pal in Palworld.

In addition, can hold and use weapons like classic bows, bats, fists, pal spears, assault rifles, and rocket launchers to catch a pal in Palworld.

Players using assault riffles to catch Pals
Players can use assault riffles to catch Pals.

Moreover, you must throw a sphere strategically so that it must hit the target.

Players can capture pals easily when they weaken them and deal massive damage against Pals.

Hence, the video posted by the official Palworld Page suggests that choosing single-shot weapons to capture pals is better.

Single-shot weapons like pistols and bows, assault rifles, and rocket launchers are great for dealing with massive damage against pals.

The Bottom Line

In summary, players need to aim for specific weak points on Pals to make capturing more effective.

However, you can use various weapons to catch pals in the Palworld to gather resources, for building and many more in the game world. 

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