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The Housewarming Quest Guide In Dreamlight Valley

The Housewarming is one of the Friendship Quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Moreover, players must help their favorite fairy tale character, Rapunzel, in this quest.

In The Housewarming Quest, players must collect materials to build Rapunzel’s house, Find the treasure to manage her bedroom, and finally build the house for Cabybara.

Continue reading about The Housewarming and completing the mission in Dreamlight Valley.

The Housewarming In Dreamlight Valley

In The Housewarming mission, players have to aid Rapunzel in Eternity Isle.

rapunzel the housewarming
Help Rapunzel fix her tower in The Housewarming Quest.

For that, players will need a few items: Zinc, Tin, and Soil to build back Raounzel’s home.

However, players must complete more sub-events, like searching Rapunzl’s treasures, to progress.

Moreover, players also need to help Capybara, one of the neighbors, to help them build a house.

Completing The Housewarming In Dreamlight Valley

Here is a step-by-step process to complete The Housewarming In Dreamlight Valley;

1. Collect The Materials

Players must interact with Rapunzel in the Eternity Isle to initiate the quest.

Further, players should find four Tin, four Zinc, and 30 soil for Rapunzel’s home.

the housewarming dreamlight valley
Search for Zinc, Tin, and Soil in Glittering Dunes and Wild Tangle.

Players can look at the items in their collection; otherwise, they should extract them and provide them to Rapunzel.

The Tin is found on the rocks in Oasis, Wastes, Borderland, and Plains in Glittering Dunes.

Moreover, players can find the Zinc in Grassland, Promenade, Groove, and Lagoon in the Wild Tangle.

Players should equip the Hammer to extract the items and break the rocks.

Finally, players need to dig the ground from the house to extract the soil.

2. Search Treasures

Rapunzel will start repairing her house after the players provide all the items.

But to give the house’s interior an original look, players should search for the treasures.

Players must equip the Hourglass and find items: a Wall Clock, a Cast-iron Pan, a Handheld Lantern, and a Purple Cushion.

hourglass dune
Use the Hourglass to collect the treasures.

Players can find the Wallclock and Cast-iron Pan near the Docks and the Oasis, respectively.

Meanwhile, the handheld lantern Cupurple cushions the Grasslandgrasslandsenade, collecting the items players should return to Rapunzel’s House.

3. Start Decoration

Players should find a way to decorate Rapunzel’s Bedroom in the correct order.

To do so, players should head to the Collections > Memories and view the picture of Dreamlight Valley.

raounzel house
Organize the four treasures the same as in the above picture.

4. Craft Tropical Companion Home

In the quest’s last part, players must help Capybara by building their house. 

Players will need Bamboo, Tropical Wood, Spinel, and Green-glass like flowers.

Moreover, players can find Harvest Bamboo in almost every area of the Tangle.

For the Tropical wood, players must spend lots of time around the Valley as they don’t spawn often.

Players should clear most of the trees to increase the chances of finding the Tropical wood so that the plants will re-spawn.

In addition, the Tropical Wood appears to be glitched as well, as it does not spawn currently.

Players can check the News and grab the four rewards, including the Tropical Wood in News option.

advancing on eternity isle
Players can collect the Tropical wood from the Advancing on Eternity Isle: Key Resources in the news section.

Further, players should search Promenade and Grave to extract the Spinel, an ordinary pink gem.

Finally, the Green-glass-like flowers appear in plains and wastes and are yellow.

green glass like flowers dreamlight valley
Search the Plains and the Wastes to find the flower.

After storing the goods in the inventory, players should head to Craft Bench and Craft a Tropical Companion Home.

Players can craft under the Functional Items section in the Crafting Recipes.

craft bench tropical companion home the housewarming
Build a home for the Capybaras using the Craft Bench.

Further, players should place their home anywhere suitable on the map and talk to Rpunzel to complete the quest.

The Bottom Line

The Housewarth Quest may be Rapunzel’s quest, but it also involves providing a house for the Capybara.

Moreover, the quest may be time-consuming, considering some items are rare.

However, if players complete the quest, players will get a reward of 440.

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