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Explore The Military Cryo Freezer In Fallout 76

The Military Cryo Freezer is a new addition to the season 14 scoreboard in Fallout 76.

So, players are excited to learn more about the Military Cryo Freeze and what it does in the game.

In Fallout 76, the Military Cryo Freezer is the appliance that prevents food spoilage. However, if the camp has none, the food is dumped back into your stash and spoils.

Continue reading to learn more about the Military Cryo Freeze in Fallout 76.

What Is Military Cryo Freezer In Fallout 76?

Military Cryo Freezer in Fallout 76 is an appliance that saves your food from being rotten.

This freezer can hold up to 150 individual items, reducing spoilage rate to zero percent.

Hence, any food and drinks you store there in the Military Cryo Freezer will last forever.

Military Cryo Freezer
Players can find a Military Cryo Freezer in the Build Menu.

Moreover, players can load foods that are likely to expire soon, i.e., Brain bombs and foods like cranberry in every new season.

Unfortunately, if the Military Cryo Freezer is not loaded in the game, your food won’t get frozen.

It has 50 slots and is tied to your stash weight of 1200 to store your food and drinks for a longer period. 

However, players can only build 1 Military Cryo Freezer per camp.

Hence, it will help you to experiment with making some different dishes and prevent food spoilage.

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Advantages Of Military Cryo Freezer

Military Cryo Freezer is located under Appliances in the Build Menu in Fallout 76.

Similarly, at the camp, the freezer is available under the sugar bomb refrigerator and has a 100 percent spoilage rate reduction.

Hence, players love this item from the scoreboard as it holds many benefits for them.

1. Food Preservation

The main advantage of this freezer is that it can preserve perishable food items.

Moreover, players can preserve the foods and drinks that are likely to expire.

2. Waste Reduction

By extending the shelf life of food, this Military Cryo Freezer contributes to reducing food waste.

Hence, players can make high-end cooked items and sell them at a restaurant camp without spoilage.

3. Prevention Of Food Spoilage

Once you put your food in your freezer from your food categories, it automatically freezes it and goes up to 100 percent health.

Hence, by slowing down the natural decay process, the Military Cryo Freezer help prevent food spoilage.

Players Review On Military Cryo Freezer

Players’ reviews of the Military Cryo Freezer in Fallout 76 deliberate a mixed attitude.

Some players expressed admiration for its unique features and added it to their camps.

Military Cryo Freezer Discussion
Reddit Discussion on Military Cryo Freezer.

However, certain players have pointed out minor glitches and bugs while building this Military Cryo Freezer.

To save the food from being spoiled, put your food in it and then go into build mode and scrap it.

However, players are praising this item in Fallout 76 as it does stop spoilage completely.

The Bottom Line

This Freezer in Fallout 76 is a great device to preserve your food and drinks and reduce food waste.

Players need to go into build mode and scrap the food to preserve it.

Hopefully, with the help of this article, you will know everything about the Military Cryo Freezer in Fallout 76.

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