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Lesser Devil In Fallout 76: Where To Find Them?

The recent Atlantic City update in Fallout City introduces new maps, enemies, quests, and locations.

Lesser Devil is one of the new enemies players can find in the new update of Fallout 76.

In Fallout 76, players must go to the Atlantic City and participate in an Expedition to locate the Lesser Devil to complete the daily challenge or earn Rip and Tear Achievement. It is found on the Roof Of Quentino’s Night Club.

Continue reading to learn more about Lesser Devil and where to find it in Fallout 76.

What Is Lesser Devil In Fallout 76?

Lesser Devil is the new predatory cryptid found in the new Atlantic City of Fallout 76.

It was introduced in the Expeditions: Atlantic City update as one of the variants of Jersey Devil.

Talking about its appearance, it is a small and winged creature with burning red eyes and glowing embers for skin.

Further, it uses both powerful melee attacks and projectiles to attack when you’re in front.

Lesser Devil in Fallout 76
Two Lesser Devils located on the rooftop of the nightclub.

Players can encounter this creature during the Expedition mission Tax Evasion quest.

Further, it can hunt in packs causing huge damage so players have to be careful to defeat Lesser Devils.

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Why To Locate Lesser Devil In Fallout 76?

Since Lesser Devils are the new addition to the game, it comes with rewards and trophies.

Further, players can kill Lesser Devils for two main reasons in Fallout 76.

1. Daily Challenge

Players have to locate the Lesser Devil to complete a daily challenge.

This daily challenge rewards players with a 263 trophy.

2. Complete Rip And Tear

Further, Players have to locate and kill 10 Lesser Devils with a melee weapon to unlock the Rip and Tear achievement in Fallout 76.

Rip and Tear requires killing 10 Lesser Devil in Fallout 76
Players should kill 10 Lesser Devils for the Rip and Tear Achievement.

There is only one location where two Lesser Devils spawn, which is Quentino’s Night Club.

So, to kill 10 devils and complete the achievement, players have to locate them multiple times in the same location.

Lesser Devil Locations In Fallout 76

In Fallout 76, players need to go to the Expeditions, launch the Atlantic City, and go to Tax Evasion to find Lesser Devil.

The only location where Lesser Devil spawns in the game are Roof of the Night Club..

To respawn them, players can simply leave the expedition, and head to the refuge or your camp.

Then, after you restart the same expedition, the lesser devil will be back every time.

Roof Of Quentino’s Night Club

Players can encounter two Lesser Devils on the rooftop of Quentino’s Night Club.

Further, players must follow the walkways south from the Vertibird landing pad toward Quentino to find them during the Tax Evasion quest.

Quentino is a location in Fallout 76
Quentino is the location to find Lesser Devils in Fallout 76.

Then, cross the Nuka-Cola billboard to get to the rooftop of the nightclub.

 After killing them both, fast travel back to Appalachia, and start a new expedition to spawn a new pair.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, Lesser Devils are the cryptid and mysterious creatures in the Atlantic City.

Players can locate them to complete the daily challenge and kill Lesser Devils to unlock achievements.

Further, it spawns on the roof of the Quentino’s night club.

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