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Explore The Cake Pan Location In Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is the popular post-apocalyptic online game featuring various quests and materials.

Among the several craftable materials, the Cake Pan is classified as an aluminum pan.

The location of Cake Pan in Fallout 76 includes places such as Appalachian Antiques, White Powder Winter Sports, Overseer’s Home, Sutton, and many more.

This article will explore the Cake Pan and its Location in Fallout 76.

What Is Cake Pan In Fallout 76?

Cake Pan is a junk item that can be Scraped and converted into craftable material in Fallout 76.

However, the scrapping can only be done at the crafting Station or Workbench.

While the player has to return for the scrapping process, they can lose all the junk items if they die in the process.

Additionally, the Cake Pans are the excellent source of aluminum. The Cake Pan provides 3x aluminum once it is scrapped.

Cake Pan weighs 0.5 and comes with the value of 9.

Players are required to find the Cake Pan as the daily challenge or the Birthday Event Challenge.

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Cake Pan Location In Fallout 76

Finding the Cake Pan can be challenging since some are in higher-level areas.

The Cake Pan can be found in various places since it is not that rare.

Here are some locations where Cake Pan can be found in Fallout 76;

1. Appalachian Antiques

The first Location is Appalachian Antiques. You have to be careful in this area since it is the high-level area.

So, there is going to be ghouls or bloated glowing one.

Cake Pan Location In Fallout 76
A map showing the Location of Appalachian Antiques.

Once you reach the area, enter the house with the Appalachian Antiques board on it.

Then you can find the cake Pan on the Shelf, or sometimes you can find it on the ground.

Cake Pan Location In Fallout 76
Player finding a Cake Pan at Appalachian Antiques.

Along with Cake Pan, you can also find magazines, teapots,military-grade circuit boards, and other valuables.

This is probably one of the best places you can come for looting.

2. Sunrise Field

Again, this is also a high-level location; however, it is the excellent spot to find Cake Pan.

So, be careful since you can encounter the Mirelurk Deep King.

Upon reaching the Location, navigate to the right side and enter the white house.

White house
Players need to navigate inside the white house to get a Cake Pan.

Once you enter the house, turn right and enter the kitchen. You will find the Cake Pan either on the Counter or the ground.

3. Overseer’s Home

The Overseer’s Home is located in the forest region. Once you get inside the home, there are lots of items you can farm.

Moreover, you will find the 2 Cake Pan in her kitchen. Sometimes, you will even find pumpkin pie or salt and pepper.

Overseer's home
After reaching Overseer’s home, players can find the Cake Pan in the kitchen.

Also, you go upstairs; there is a fire-breather uniform you can obtain.

So, enter the Overseer’s Home to get some Cake Pans.

4. Sutton

Once you leave the Overseer’s Home, go down the stairs on the front porch.

Then, walk down the house until you see the blue house with a red door.

Cake Pan Location In Fallout 76
Go inside the blue house with a red door.

Now, walk inside the house, and the Cake Pan will be on the kitchen counter.

Make sure to loot this place since you can find many valuable items.

5. Other Locations

Here are other locations where you can find the Cake Pan;

  • Summersvile: Go inside the house with a red door and navigate to the basement. You will find a Cake Pan on the Shelf.
  • Sals Grinders: Find the house with Sals Grinders. In this house, you can find two Cake Pans.
  • White Power Winter Sport: It is located near the Ski Resort, inside the house, where Cake Pan lies on the Counter.

These are the locations where you can find the Cake Pan. Therefore, go to all the locations and collect the Cake Pans.

The Bottom Line

In Fallout 76, the Cake Pan is the junk item that can be found quite easily.

However, they are located at different sites, so collecting them takes quite a time.

Additionally, equip yourself with decent weapons cause you may have to fight enemies in certain areas.

Hopefully, this article will help you to find Cake Pan and complete the challenges for the birthday event.

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