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How To Find Mutated Enemy In Fallout 76?

Defeating a mutated enemy can be a daily task or an event in Fallout 76.

Unfortunately, many players are unable to find the enemies to complete the tasks.

Mutated enemies are creatures suffering from radiation, plagues, or contaminations in Fallout 76. Players can find the mutated enemy in the Daily Ops-Mutation event or Mutated Public Events.

Continue reading to discover the mutated enemy and the techniques to beat them in Fallout 76.

What Are Mutated Enemies In Fallout 76?

Fallout 76 is an RPG game with various missions and countless enemies.

Further, the nature and the ability of all the enemies differ.

The mutated enemy lies in the potent creature segment and has enhanced abilities.

Moreover, the enemies are often found in the radiation zone and toxic environments filled with red zones.

Feral ghouls, Super mutants, and Scorhead are a few of the mutated enemies in Fallout 76.

Enemies become mutated due to plague, contaminated water, radiation or many other problems.

Searching Mutated Enemies In Fallout 76

Many players are finding a way to track down the mutated enemies to complete the challenge.

fallout 76 mutated enemy
Killing mutated enemy challenge.

However, due to some issues, they are not able to find the exact location or enter the correct event to defeat them.

Follow the procedure to find the mutated enemy and kill them to earn the rewards;

1. Play The Daily Ops 

Playing the Daily Ops is the fastest and easiest way to find the mutated enemy.

Daily ops are the set of missions players can engage in while playing solo or at a party.

Players must head to the Daily Ops menu and start the Enemy Mutation event.

Thankfully, all the enemies present there are mutated, so players can defeat any enemies found while exploring the map.

fallout 76 mutated enemy
Kill the mutated enemy.

Also, if players have a good build, the enemies in the Daily Ops are pretty easy to beat.

2. Mutated Public Event

Fallout often releases new events to enhance the gaming experience of the players.

Likewise, a Mutated Public Event often occurs with many mutated enemies.

Players can also opt for similar events, including the mutated invasion event, to finish the requirement.

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Rewards For Beating Mutated Enemies

Unfortunately, there are no higher rewards for beating the enemies in Fallout 76, as the tasks are relatively straightforward.

Nonetheless, players can receive a 300 to 500 S.C.O.R.E on completing any daily event, depending on the level.

By completing the weekly challenge, players can get up to 100,000 of them.

Players who complete all sets of events from daily to weekly will receive a higher score.

The score points come in handy while ranking up and extracting various rewards.

The Bottom Line

Mutated enemies are the creatures of Fallout 76 suffering from radiants, brain disease or similar problems.

Many players search and fail to complete the daily or weekly event to complete the Kill a Mutated Enemy challenge due to lack of idea.

Thankfully, the process is relatively easy as players can kill any enemies in the Daily ops mutated event or Mutated public events.

Players will also get rewards by completing all the challenges, which can assist in climbing ranks.

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