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Sonic Superstars Trip Unmasked: What Does She Looks Like?

Trip the Sungazer is a new antagonist who has made her first debut in Sonic Superstars.

Furthermore, the game shows Trip wearing armor and a helmet most of the time.

However, her recent identity reveal shocked many players with her appearance.

In Sonic Superstars, when Trip Unmasked herself, she shocked many players with her adorable looks and designs, and she seemed to have three horns like Espio.

This article will discuss Sonic’s Superstar Trip and what she looked like after Unmasking.

Who Is Trip In Sonic Superstar?

The game has introduced a new character Trip the Sungazer.

She was created with the collaboration of Takashi Lizuka, a key producer, and Naoto Ohshima, the original character designer.

Nonetheless, her design resembles an armored lizard’s, and she defends herself by spinning.

Although, they have planned another design for her, which reveals her identity.

It also allows players to obtain her as a playable character.

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How To Obtain A Trip In Sonic Superstar?

In-game, Trip the Sungazer is the enemy and has teamed up with Dr Eggman and Fang the Hunter.

However, as a player progresses through the game, her role changes.

Eventually, she changes sides, teaming up with Sonic and his friends.

This means players can unlock her as a playable character in the game.

To do so, you must defeat the giant Dr Eggman robot in the Egg Fortress Zone Act.

After this, you can play as the Trip with a new mode called Trip’s Stroy.

During this, Trip unmasked her Helmet, revealing her appearance.

Making many players fall in love with this character immediately.

NOTE: There might be some plot spoiler for Sonic Superstar. Therefore, you can skip it if you want to avoid spoilers.

What Does Trip Look Like Before Unmasked?

Before Trip is Unmasked, she wears armor covering her body as the body is covered with armor.

The only parts not uncovered are the arms and brown strips of the tail.

Furthermore, she wears a spike metallic helmet, making her quite an intimidating-looking character.

Sonic Superstars Trip Unmasked
Players can select the Trip as a playable character after they complete a quest.

What Does Trip Look After Unmasked In Sonic Superstars?

Trip identity was not revealed for the majority of the game.

Eventually, she removes her mask after finishing the Fang the Hunter Boss Battlet.

After the battle, Trip’s unique and eye-catching design reveals her appearance.

The three horns and the spikey tail are the most noticeable in her design showing she is a type of Sungazer lizard.

However, if you have not reached this part of the game, here is what Trip looks like when Unmasked:

Sonic Superstars Trip Unmasked:
Unmasked Trip looks like a sungazer lizard with horns like Espio.

Once you unlock this character, she’s considered equal to others.

Furthermore, the title screen includes her addition alongside Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy Rose.

Community Reaction To Unmasked Trip

The trip’s design amazed most of the community members, and many have also said she is cute.

As they have seen the leaks, several players consider this character enjoyable.

Some players are even comparing the horns of Trip with Espio.

The Bottom Line 

Trip is a playable character in Sonic Songbird.

She was first introduced in the game as an enemy to Sonic and the group.

However, as the game progressed, she became a playable character, revealing her natural appearance.

She looked adorable with the three horns on her face and the spikey tail.

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