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Alan Wake 2 Morgue Stuck: Learn To Exit The Morgue

Alan Wake has no idea why he was lying on a metal table surrounded by corpses.

He should find a way out of the Morgue and fast. But the shadows were waiting for him, ready to drag him back into the nightmare.

If you are stuck in the Morgue in Alan Wake 2, take five pictures of Nightingale’s body, stay under the lights and shoot Nightingale when he attacks you; find a manuscript page, talk to Casey and exit the Morgue.

Continue reading to learn how to escape if stuck in the Morgue.

What Happens At The Morgue In Alan Wake 2?

On the morgue table, the body of Nightingale is covered with a sheet.

He looks dead, with a bullet wound in his chest and blood all over his clothes.

There’s a strange symbol carved on his forehead; his eyes are open and staring at you.

Suddenly, the corpse moves and grabs your arm, pulls you closer and tries to bite your neck.

However, kicking him in the face and shooting him several times doesn’t affect it. It gets up and lunges at you again.

dead body
The dead body of Nightingale

Unfortunately, this is not an ordinary corpse but a fade-out, dark creature that Alan has been fighting in his nightmares.

You can kill it with light, so look for a flashlight or anything that can produce light.

There, you’ll see a lamp on a nearby table and turn it on; point it at the corpse and see it recoil from the light.

Hence, you keep shining the light until it bursts into flames and disintegrates.

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How To Escape The Morgue In Alan Wake 2?

Follow the footprints that Nightingale left behind; they will lead you to Alan or some answers.

Hence, leave the Morgue and head toward the Witch’s Hut, where you encounter more horrors.

However, if you are stuck in the Morgue in Alan Wake 2, follow the steps below to escape:

1. Pictures Of Nightingale’s Body

Take five pictures of Nightingale’s body and place them on the crime board in your Mind Place.

This is a way to collect evidence and clues about the murder case.

You must take pictures of his heart, head, shoulder, wound, and hands.

alan wake 2 morgue stuck
Five pictures of Nightingale’s body.

Then, it would be best to go to your Mind Place, a unique ability.

It lets you access a mental space to organize your thoughts and memories.

There, you need to switch to the Cauldron Lake Murders file and place the pictures on the crime board.

2. Stay Under The Lights And Shoot Nightingale

Stay under the lights and shoot Nightingale when he attacks you.

This is a way to survive the attack of Nightingale, whom the Dark Presence has possessed.

Thus, you must stay under the lights because they weaken the Dark Presence and protect you from harm.

Further, you need to find a gun on one of the dead officers’ bodies and shoot Nightingale when he appears.

This will make him disappear temporarily and give you time to find more clues.

3. Find A Manuscript Page

Find a manuscript page near Casey and add it to the crime board.

This is a way to discover more about the mystery and the Dark Presence.

manuscript alan wake 2
The manuscript page is part of a story that Alan Wake has written.

However, the story can alter reality and affect what happens in Bright Falls.

You need to find the manuscript page near Casey, who is another survivor of the morgue attack.

Then, you must return to your Mind Place and add the manuscript page to the crime board.

4. Talk To Casey And Exit The Morgue

Talk to Casey and exit the Morgue. This is a way to progress with the story and leave the Morgue.

It would be best to talk to Casey. He will tell you more about Alan Wake, the Dark Presence, and what you need to do next.

Hence, after talking to him, you can exit the Morgue and follow the other officers outside the Sheriff’s Office.

morgue room
Talk to Casey and exit the Morgue.

The Bottom Line

To escape the Morgue, you need to take pictures, shoot Nightingale, find a manuscript page, and talk to Casey.

The Morgue is a dangerous place full of zombies, poison, and a possessed Nightingale.

Therefore, you must use your Mind Place and your gun to survive and find clues.

The Morgue is connected to the mystery of Alan Wake, the Dark Presence, and the Cauldron Lake Murders. 

Contrarily, the Morgue is not the end of your journey. You still have to face the final boss and make some difficult choices.

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