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How To Craft Felling Axe In Enshrouded?

The felling axe is a tool in Enshrouded that can be used for chopping down trees and also used for attacking purposes.

It’s both a tool and a weapon at the same time which can be toggled by using your mouse with right and left click.

Moreover, the felling Axe and weapon Axe are the same and can be used differently according to the situation.

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What Is A Felling Axe In Enshrouded?

The Felling Axe is a fundamental tool in Enshrouded, designed primarily for cutting down trees and gathering wood.

Its sturdy construction and sharp blade make it indispensable for adventurers seeking to harvest resources.

Felling Axe IN Enshrouded
Felling axe is a tool that can fell the shroud tree with an ease.

Rather than just being a harvesting tool, it also can be used as a weapon to defeat enemies with high damage.

Hence, crafting the Felling Axe will fulfill a multi-purpose tool that will add an enhancement to your equipment.

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Uses Of  Felling Axe In Enshrouded

In the captivating world of Enshrouded, adventurers rely on various tools and weapons to navigate the wilderness.

Felling Axe is one of them which helps players chop down big trees which is impossible to do with a normal Axe.

However, adventurers can activate the toggle mode on this felling axe, enabling them to chop trees and fight enemies simultaneously.

Some uses of Felling Trees and Weapon Axe are as follows.

1. Felling Trees With The Felling Axe

The Felling Axe is a versatile tool designed primarily for harvesting wood and clearing obstacles in Enshrouded. 

Here’s what you need to know to wield the Felling Axe before you use it:

  • Woodcutting: The primary function of the Felling Axe is to chop down trees scattered throughout the game world. 
  • Exploration: Beyond its woodcutting capabilities, the Felling Axe aids adventurers in exploration by clearing obstacles such as bushes.

2. Combat With The Weapon Axe

Meanwhile, adventurers actively wield the Weapon Axe as a formidable melee weapon for self-defense.

Here’s what sets it apart against just chopping the trees and bushes in the game:

  • Combat Utility: The Weapon Axe primarily serves as a combat tool, providing adventurers with a powerful means to fend off enemies.
  • Damage Dealing: When used in combat, the Weapon Axe inflicts damage on opponents based on the player’s proficiency in melee combat.

Ways To Craft Felling Axe In Enshrouded

The Felling Axe can be crafted at the Blacksmith, meaning you must unlock the NPC by clearing the vault.

The Felling Axe is the tool you need to clear Elixir Wells by destroying the Shroud Root in the root location.

Hence, make sure to craft a Felling axe before you attempt to clear Elixir Well as it’s a must to have it for clearance.

Follow these steps to craft Felling Axe In Enshrouded;

1. Unlock The Blacksmith

Players can unlock the Blacksmith right at the start of the game by completing the Find the Sleeping Survivor quest.

You can find the Blacksmith’s Ancient Vault just northwest of your base.

Blacksmith In Enshrouded
Blacksmith is an NPC in Enshrouded who allows you to craft various tools and weapons.

2. Gather Resources

Explore and gather certain resources needed to craft the Axe around the locations of the Enshrouded.

Craft the axe using String, Metal Scraps, and Shroud Wood, which you acquire by harvesting from the Shroud tree.

Resources required for felling axe
Explore various locations to collect the resources and craft felling axe.

3. Craft The Axe

Once, you have gathered all the resources and have unlocked the Blacksmith, you are ready to craft the felling Axe.

Now head to the Blacksmith and in the crafting tab, select the Felling Axe option to craft it.

Felling Axe scrappy
Scrappy Axe is the second name for the Feling Axe, and both refer to the same Axe.

Is Felling Axe A Weapon Or Tool?

In Enshrouded, adventurers actively utilize the versatile Felling Axe, employing it both as a weapon and a tool for felling trees.

However, its primary purpose for felling trees and using them as weapons is to lower its head and destroy it faster.

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