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Persona 3 Reload Reticent Checkmate Weakness

In Persona 3 Reload, players encounter a formidable foe known as Reticent Checkmate.

Alongside Reticent Checkmate, players should also engage in battle with Bold Checkmate and other rare shadows.

It is mandatory to exploit these bosses’ weaknesses to successfully progress through the later stages of the game.

Continue reading to learn more about Reticent Checkmate Weakness in Persona 3 Reload.

Who Is Reticent Checkmate In Persona 3 Reload?

Among the several other bosses in the game, players should also engage with the formidable boss called Reticent Checkmate.

Reticent Checkmate is one of the many rare shadows in the game that players should engage in battle with.

Similarly, Reticent Checkmate is a rare shadow that does not appear frequently like other rare shadows.

Players can spot the Reticent Checkmate on the Upper Tziah Block in Persona 3 Reload.

Likewise, this boss is known to cast the Garudyne, dealing explosive damage to the players.

Defeating the Reticent Checkmate in Persona 3 Reload grants you a Silver Medal and 20,000 EXP as a reward.

However, the key to mastering the battle lies in understanding the weaknesses of the Reticent Checkmate. 

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Reticent Checkmate Weakness: The Electric Attacks

Discovering the Reticent Checkmate’s weaknesses is quite difficult, as this opponent has a mysterious aura.

After reviewing the discussions in several gaming communities and forums, most players are willing to know its weaknesses.

The whole Persona 3 Reload Community is trying to grasp the mystery surrounding the Reticent Checkmate’s weaknesses.

Subsequently, players can deal heavy damage to the Reticent Checkmate if they use the electric attacks.

Reticent Checkmate in Persona 3 Reload
Players should be careful while battling the Reticent Checkmate, as he is too powerful.

 The Reticent Checkmate is vulnerable to electric attacks, so you should be equipped with the right tools.

With this knowledge, players should strategically focus on their gaming strategy and include electric attacks in their arsenal.

Subsequently, you should equip the right weapons and select party members proficient in electric attacks, before engaging in battle.

Ways To Confront Reticent Checkmate

Upon learning the Reticent Checkmate weaknesses, players will have the upper hand during the battle.

Players should follow the proper ways to engage in battle despite learning its weaknesses in Persona 3 Reload.

Similarly, you can follow some of the tips for successfully navigating Tziah and defeating the Reticent Checkmate:

1. Prepare Strategically

Before engaging in battle, players should plan their moves strategically to defeat the Reticent Checkmate.

Ensure that all of your party members are equipped with personas and skills that complement electric attacks.

Choose Right Persona In persona 3 Reload
Players should choose the right party members before engaging with Reticent Checkmate.

Likewise, make sure you keep Akhihiko on your team as he personalizes electric attacks.

You can fuse personas with electric attributes and equip members with the right accessories to enhance electric damage.

2. Stay Agile 

Players should never lose focus during the battle with the massive Reticent Checkmate in Persona 3 Reload.

Reticent Checkmate is known for its swift moves and powerful strikes, so keep your party agile.

Make sure you are ready to respond to its movements and counterattack effectively.

3. Exploit Its Weakness

In Persona 3 Reload, Reticent Checkmate might have other weaknesses as well, apart from electric attacks.

Players should experiment with different skills and personas to unravel any other weaknesses of Reticent Checkmate.

4. Coordinate Attacks

Coordinating the attacks with the party members has proven beneficial during any fight.

Simply coordinate your party’s attack to maximize the damage output and minimize the risk of dying.

Moreover, use buffs and debuffs during the battle to have an advantage against Reticent Checkmate.

Ultimately, be persistent with your attacks, and don’t let your guard down until you defeat Reticent Checkmate.

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