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FFXIV Solution 9: A Versatile Reagent

If you are a crafter in Final Fantasy XIV, you may have heard of Zidane Solution 9.

It is a rare and versatile reagent that can help you create some of the best items in the game.

Solution 9 is a robust crafting material that can help you create some of the most sought-after items in FFXIV. You must complete a quest and trade collectible items for scrips to get it. 

Continue reading to learn what Solution 9 is and how you can get it.

Solution 9 In FFXIV

Solution 9 is a synthetic reagent used to craft various items in Final Fantasy XIV.

Further, it is also known as an Immutable Solution because it does not change no matter what happens to it.

You can obtain Zidane Solution 9 by exchanging 125 Purple Crafters’ Scrips at any Scrip Exchange vendor in Eorzea.

However, you must complete the quest Inscrutable Tastes in the Foundation to unlock the Scrip Exchange service.

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Complete Inscrutable Tastes For Solution 9

To complete Inscrutable Tastes for Solution 9, you need to do the following steps:

1. Go To The Foundation

Go to the Foundation in Ishgard and talk to Morgayne at (10.1, 10.4).

He will give you a letter to deliver to Lydirlona in Revenant’s Toll. 

Further, the letter contains an introduction to the collectibles system.

Contrarily, that’s a new way of obtaining rare materials and items by crafting or gathering items with high quality.

solution 9
You can obtain Solution 9 by exchanging 125 Purple Crafters’ Scrips.

2. Go To Revenant’s Toll 

Go to Revenant’s Toll in Mor Dhona and talk to Lydirlona at (22.4, 6.7), the head of Rowena’s House of Splendors.

She deals with collectibles; thus, she will explain the collectibles system and how to obtain scrips.

Significantly, you can check the Timers menu to see what items are in demand and their collectability ratings

3. Craft Or Gather Collectible Items

To craft or gather collectible items, you must activate the Collectable Synthesis or Collectable Glove actions.

Thus, you can see the collectability of your items, which is affected by their quality and rarity. 

You can use special skills to increase the collectability of your items.

Generally, you can use Methodical Appraisal for gatherers and Basic Touch for crafters.

4. Trade To Collectable Appraiser

Once you have crafted or gathered some collectible items, you can trade them to any Collectable Appraiser.

Significantly, they will appraise their value and give you scrips accordingly.

The amount of scrips you receive depends on the collectability rating of your items.

They can range from 0 to 1000; the higher the rating, the more scrips you get.

5. Use Your Scrips

You can then use your scrips to buy Zidane Solution 9 or other items from the Scrip Exchange vendors.

Solution 9 costs 125 Purple Crafters’ Scrip, the highest tier of scrips for crafters.

Additionally, you can get Blue Gatherers’ Scrip by trading collectible items from mining, botany, or fishing.

Solution 9 does not change no matter what happens to it.

The Bottom Line

Zidane Solution 9 is a crafting material that can be bought with Purple Crafters’ Scrip.

Further, it is used to make items like the Pactmaker’s Set.

Generally, it is a reagent that does not change and is a valuable resource for crafters who can exchange scrips for it.

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