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Forgotten Field Boss In Remnant 2: Strategy And Rewards

There are numerous bosses in Remnant 2 that you’ll run against when exploring the dungeons, the overworlds, or after each world.

Remnant 2 bosses are only one of many difficulties in the globe-trotting ARPG from Gunfire Games.

In Remnant 2, there is a location called Forgotten Field where different bosses reside. One of the largest Pan cities, Forgotten Field, was one of the many locations where the Root had taken over Yaesha.

In this article, you will learn about the Forgotten Field and its different Bosses in Remnant 2.

What Is Forgotten Field?

The Forgotten Field is a place in Yaesha in Remnant 2, a vast, open area where Root adversaries are rife.

It is an excellent spot to harvest Scrap and other stray items.

Additionally, the boss Defiler, a formidable Root foe who can be challenging to overcome, resides in the Forgotten Field.

Moreover, this location’s Tome of Knowledge also offers a constant stat increase.

The following items can be found in the Forgotten Field:

  • Root Enemies: Root adversaries, such as Root Horrors, Root Crawlers, and Root Stalkers, have taken over the Forgotten Field.
  • Defiler: The boss Defiler, a formidable Root foe who can be challenging to overcome, resides in the Forgotten Field.
  • Tome of Knowledge: The Forgotten Field contains a Tome of Knowledge that offers a constant stat boost.
  • Scrap: The Forgotten Field is full of Scrap, which can be used to modify weapons and equipment and buy things.
  • Loot: Also, weapons, armor, and mods are among the random items players can discover in the Forgotten Field.

Although the Forgotten Field is complex, it is rewarding. Therefore, it is the place to go for a challenge and great rewards.

Forgotten Field Boss In Remnant 2

The bosses in Forgotten Field are vicious and powerful, attacking players with all their might and have two bosses.

1. Weald Stalker And Gnarled Archer

Bosses in Remnant 2 include a pair known as The Weald Stalker and The Gnarled Archer.

They are an Aberration, a Root Sniper with additional abilities.

Remnant 2 forgotten field
You can take cover from their shots, focus on one and finish it off to reduce the challenge.

These Bosses are the most difficult enemies to defeat since they pose a more significant challenge in combat than regular or Elite enemies.

Moreover, they frequently guard valuable or unique items, some crucial to the game’s lore and primary plot.

Abilities And Powers

Here are some of the abilities and powers of the Forgotten Field Boss, Weald Stalker And Gnarled Archer.

  • The Weald Stalker is a swift and agile foe using its claws to damage significantly. It is also teleportable, making it challenging to hit.
  • The Gnarled Archer is a distant foe who can shoot poisonous arrows. It can also call forth Root Creepers to defend it.

Strategy To Defeat

Some of the possible strategies to defeat are:

  • Prioritize the Weald Stalker of the two adversaries, it poses the greatest threat.
  • After that, attack the Gnarled Archer from a distance with a ranged weapon.
  • Avoid being harmed by the Gnarled Archer’s poisonous darts.
  • Also, use a Cleansing Stone to reverse the effects of poisoning.


  • Tome of Knowledge
  • Scrap
  • Random loot

2. Defiler

This boss is a strong Root adversary that can call in Root minions to battle for it.

remnant2 forgotten field
You can get loot and rewards after defeating the Defiler.

This boss will appear when you attack the Root Nexus on the battlefield.

It uses the same method to be defeated as the Root Axeman because it is an empowered version of that enemy.

It puts distance between you and him, launches its armored sections that conceal its core, and makes intense melee assaults, and an AOE ranged smash attack.

Continue dodging its blows once the armor has been damaged while firing at its core for maximum damage.

Therefore, Bringing some crowd control modifications or a weapon is best.

This is because, unlike its ordinary counterpart, Root Flyers will also spawn. This will help you stay calm.

Abilities And Powers

Here are some of the abilities and powers of the Defiler.

  • The Defiler can call on Root soldiers to fight on its behalf.
  • In addition, the Defiler has the power to erect protective barriers.
  • Root Rot is a damaging status condition that the Defiler’s melee attacks have the potential to cause.

Strategy To Defeat

Some of the possible strategies to defeat Defiler are:

  • Attacking the Defiler at a distance requires using a ranged weapon. Also, you can dodge its melee strikes and the Root Rot state effect by doing this.
  • Avoid getting hit by the Defiler’s ranged assaults. A projectile that the Defiler can Fire causes damage and casts a small AoE.
  • Use a Cleansing Stone to cure Root Rot if it has been applied to you.
  • Concentrate initially on the Defiler. The threat the Root minions poses will diminish if you defeat the Defiler.


  • Tome of Knowledge
  • Scrap
  • Random loot
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The Bottom Line

The Forgotten Field is a challenging area in Remnant 2 that is home to two powerful bosses: the Weald Stalker and Gnarled Archer and the Defiler.

With careful planning and execution, payers can defeat bosses, but they will require all of your skills and resources.

The rewards you earn for defeating the bosses will help you to progress in the game and become a more powerful player.

Additionally, it is an excellent spot to go if you want a challenge. Just be ready for a struggle!

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