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How To Unlock Cannoneer In Clash Royale?

Clash Royale has just introduced a new troop called the Cannoneer and players are wondering how to unlock it.

But unlocking this new troop deviates from the traditional route as it comes with its specific chest.

In Clash Royale, if you are wondering how to unlock the Cannoneer, you must get the new Tower Troop Chest and get him from there. Additionally, you can also take part in Cannoneer challenges to get a chance to try and unlock him.

Continue reading this article to learn how to unlock the Cannoneer in Clash Royale.

What Is Cannoneer In Clash Royale?

The Cannoneer is a new defensive tower unit in Clash Royale that was introduced on January 1, 2024.

He is an epic rarity troop with a new mechanism that can target both the land and air units.

Cannoneer clash royale
n-game display of the Cannoneer in Clash Royale.

Specifically, the Cannoneer replaces the two princess towers King’s side and takes its place.

In other words, he is a new optional replacement for princesses to provide a new defensive approach in the game.

Additionally, this troop is introduced as a Tower Troop meaning that he is meant to be on the tower.

Therefore, players must update the game to its latest version to experience this troop for themselves.

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How To Get Cannoneer In Clash Royale?

In Clash Royale, players can easily unlock new troops from battle chests upon winning the battle.

However, the Cannoneer deviates from the traditional unlock route in Clash Royale as he is not a deployable troop.

Specifically, players can unlock the Cannoneer and the Princess Towers only from the Tower Troop Chest, which is an exclusive introduction.

Tower troop chest clash royale
The tower troop chest unlocks the Cannoneer in Clash Royale.

Currently, players can either buy it from the shop for 49.99$  or wait till this chest drops from their chest cycle.

Additionally, players can also get this troop from the Cannoneer launch deck challenge for a limited time.

In the future, this chest will probably make an appearance in either normal or premium Battle Pass rewards.

Best Cannoneer Launch Deck In Clash Royale

As of now, players can partake in the Cannoneer Launch Deck challenge to unlock him for free.

Therefore, players are wondering about the best deck to use for this challenge.

To determine the best deck, players must learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the Cannoneer.

Cannoneer launch deck best deck
One of the best Cannoneer launch decks in the game.

Firstly, the cannoneer has a high damage but a slower attack speed as a defensive tower.

Hence, players must have a splash damage troop in their deck to aid them in defense.

However, he can easily take out tankier troops meaning that players should use a counter-attacking troop.

The above deck works very well with the Cannoneer as it is a low elixir cycle deck.

The Bottom Line

The Clash Royale community has a mixed reaction regarding the new tower troop Cannoneer.

Specifically, players are unsatisfied with its attack speed in the game as the princess is still the best choice.

However, players must not jump to hasty conclusions as a META deck might arrive for him.

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