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Explore About Field Operations In FFXIV

Field Operations in FFXIV are special endgame content with their own storylines.

In addition, these side quests or special duties help player engagement and many more.

Field Operations serves the purpose of providing side storyline quests and duties for the players. The achievements and exciting storyline zones make field operations in Final Fantasy a popular choice among players.

Here we will discuss the Field Operations of Final Fantasy XIV in great detail.

Exploratory Missions In FFXIV

Multiple side quests and endgame content are available in any role-playing video game.

So, the Final Fantasy series is also no stranger to these contents called Exploratory Missions.

In addition, four main types of duties come under the superset of Exploratory Missions.

Furthermore, each duty has its own missions and tasks that the players must complete to get rewards.

Now, let’s look at the four categories of exploratory missions in detail.

1. The Original Diadem

The Original Diadem was the first exploratory mission which was introduced in patch 3.1 of Final Fantasy.

Moreover, here are some of the versions of the Original Diadem.

  • The Diadem
  • The Diadem Hunting Grounds
  • The Diadem- Trialds of the Fury
  • The Diadem- Trials of the Matron

In addition, there have been many revisions of the quests and activities of Diadem in the game.

2. Adventuring Forays (Field Operations)

Adventuring Forays is now popular as Field operations in the Final Fantasy franchise.

Furthermore, here are some versions of the Adventuring Forays:

  • The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos
  • The Forbidden Land, Eureka Pagos
  • The Forbidden Land, Eureka Pyros
  • The Forbidden Land, Eureka Hydatos
  • The Bozjan Southern Front
  • Zadnor

In Final Fantasy XIV, the field operations are for the disciples of war and magic.

3. Gathering Forays

Gathering Forays are a type of Exploratory Mission available for disciples of the land classes.

In addition, these forays are accessible through the Party Finder category of gathering duties.

Furthermore, these duties offer large-scale battles and raids connected to a storyline but not the main story.

4. Open Dungeons

Open Dungeons are the final type of Exploratory Missions that are special large-scale raids.

Furthermore, here are some types of open dungeons in the game.

  • The Missing Gem
  • The Baldesion Arsenal
  • Castrum Lacus Litore
  • Delubrum Reginae
  • Delubrum Reginae (Savage)
  • The Dalriada

Additionally, these raids cannot be queued for through the Duty Finder and are not always an Exploratory mission.

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Field Operations In Final Fantasy

Field Operations are also called the Adventuring Forays or Exploration Zones by the players.

In addition, Field Operations or Adventuring Forays are quite similar to Gathering Forays.

Furthermore, they consist of large battlefield duties and raids connected to a storyline.

However, these Field Operations are not connected to the Main Storyline of Final Fantasy.

Field Operations FFXIV
Field Operations are endgame content with storyline quests in FFXIV.

Also, Field Operation duties are accessible through the Party Finder category similar to Gathering Forays.

Many players get confused about the difference in names such as Field Operations and Adventuring Forays.

Field Operations name
A player expresses the need to make the Field Operations name consistent within the game.

However, they are in the list as Adventuring Forays in the Party Finder and as Field Operations in the Achievements tab.

Also, we can see from the list of Field Operations above that there are two main zones, the Eueka and the Bozja.

1. Eureka Zone

The Eureka Zone is popular for its unique gameplay mechanics and progression system.

Also, many players have mixed reviews about the game zone with some loving the game mechanics.

Eureka Field Operations Map
The Field Operations activity map of the Eureka zone.

Furthermore, players often praise the landscape and design of the Eureka zone.

In addition, the zone involves relic weapons, challenging monsters, crystals, and many more.

2. Bozja Zone

The Bozja Zone was introduced in the game as a part of the Save the Queen storyline of Final Fantasy.

Additionally, it has its own storyline and activities with players being able to upgrade resistance weapons and more.

Website assistance
An impressive Field Operations assistant website created by a player.

Also, a website created by a Final Fantasy player highlights all the important points of the Eureka and Bozja zones.

Achievements Of Field Operations

There is a good chunk of achievements that the players can earn from finishing up field operations.

Here is a list of some of the achievements players get through field operations.

NameAchievement Points
Lost and Found I, II, III, and IV5 to 10
Missing an Angel10
Lyon's Share10
Burn Baby Burn10
Test Complete10
Might Makes Right10
No Man's Land I, II, III, and IV5 to 10
We're on Your Side I, II, III, and IV5
No Need for Triage I, II, and III5 to 10
Suns of Bozja10
Sharper than Blades20

So, completing Field Operations can be interesting while providing various benefits for the players.

The Bottom Line

Field Operations are side quests that players can access and gain rewards from.

In addition, players can tackle multiple field operations and zones in Final Fantasy.

Also, the rewards and achievements through these special duties can make finishing them worth it.

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