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Draw Omikuji In FFXIV To Know Your Fortune

In FFXIV, players must draw Omikuji to progress in the Heavensturn Fortune event.

The Heavensturn event is part of the annual New Year 2024 event of FFXIV to celebrate the year of the dragon.

Drawing Omikuji is one of the tasks in the seasonal Heavenstun event in FFXIV that will give you a fortune card to display whether you will have good fortune, bad fortune, great fortune, or misfortune this year. 

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Meet Omikushiji For Heavensturn Fortune

In FFXIV, you will come across a character called Omikijishi who deals in Omikuji.

Furthermore, Omikuji is a traditional Far Eastern fortune teller who will give you a task to draw Omikuji.

Meet Omikujishi in FFXIV
Meet the trader Omikijishi to get the task of drawing Omikuji before January 16, 2023.

Drawing Omikuji is a tradition from Japan where people go to the temple on New Year for Heavensturn fortune.

So, if you want Heavensturn fortune in FFXIV, you must seek Omikujishi.

Hence, you must trade in-game currency for Heavensturn fortune with Omikujishi for the remainder of the celebration.

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How To Draw Omikuji In FFXIV?

In FFXIV, you draw the Omikuji on the new year to open a box of fortune for yourself.

Furthermore, drawing the Omikuji in the game will display your fortune card in FFXIV.

Draw Omikuji In FFXIV
Shake the red cylindrical box to get a fortune card that displays good, bad, or misfortune in the game.

Twelve extra fortunes are added to the box of Fortune this year in the game.

Hence,  the cards display whether you have misfortune, a small fortune, good fortune, or great fortune. 

1. Pay 100 Gil To Draw Each Time

To draw the Omikuji, interact with the Omikujishi so that he will give you a series of tasks to choose from.

He will also give you options to learn about the Omikuji before jumping into the task of drawing it.

So, you can take advantage of other options and learn the origin of the Omikuji before drawing it.

To begin the task, choose the draw omikuji option which will let you draw as many times as you like.

However, you must pay a fee of 100 Gil each time you draw Omikuji to get a fortune card.

2. Follow The Words Of Guidance On The Card

Pay 100 Gil to Omikujishi and shake the red cylindrical box to get your fortune.

If you get Misfortune, you must follow the words of guidance to progress in the game.

Each time you draw a card you will have different sets of guidance for instance:

  • Adventure: You must adventure with a calm heart.
  • Relationships: You may experience conflicts in the relationships.
  • Prosperity: You must be aware of not over-excessing the stock to prevent it from going to waste.

If you want to get a great fortune in the game, pay 100 Gil to Omikujishi and keep drawing.

You can also stop drawing once you get the good fortune card in Final Fantasy XIV.

Great Fortune in FFXIV
The great fortune card will give you a reading on all the positive events for you in the game.

Follow the words of guidance in terms of adventure, relationships, prosperity, conflict, and favor to progress.

In addition, keep an eye on the adventure section of your Omikuji fortune card to get insights into the new journey waiting for you.

After you complete drawing Omikuji, you can obtain 286 fil, Ryunosuke Character, and 1440 archer exp.

The Bottom Line

The Heavensturn event in FFXIV is a seasonal event and will only be available until 16 January 2023.

It is a tradition in Japan where people open their fortune cards to get insights on good and bad events for the year.

Hence, prepare to open the box of fortune in FFXIV and find your fortune for 2024.

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