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Truth Behind The Field Rep Progress In MW3

Players are confused about the field rep progress that appears at the end of each match in MW3.

This appears in an experience or progression form that seems to hint at some form of event in the game.

In COD MW3, players can partake in the MW3 True Legends event to use the field progress rewards as long as it is live. Therefore, players must complete the quests and work this progression bar to unlock exclusive rewards.

Continue reading this article to learn about the Field rep progress bar in COD MW3.

What Is Field Rep Progress In MW3?

Call of Duty MW3 always introduces a new format of events for their players to add a new gameplay experience.

Similarly, one such event is called the True Legends event, a charity event in MW3.

cod MW3 field rep true legends
COD MW3 field rep progress appeared in the True Legends event.

Specifically, MW3 launched this event to help the American veterans who served their country.

Therefore, players who buy the event pass or cosmetics during this event directly go to a charity.

The developers also added a new feature called “Field Rep, “ a progression bar exclusive to the event.

Hence, players can collect this progression exp at the end of each match after playing a PvP match.

Therefore, accumulating this progress exp will help players to receive exclusive in-game rewards.

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All The Rewards Tied To Field Rep In MW3

Call of Duty MW3 is generous with this new event as they have introduced a variety of rewards.

Here is a list of all the rewards that players can obtain during the True Legends charity event:

1.Emblematic (Sticker)
2.30-Minute Double Player XP Token
3.Always Forward (Large Decal)
4.45 Minute Double Weapon XP Token
5.Got Your Back (Weapon Charm)
6.Stacked (Large Decal)
7.Anthem (Emblem)
8.Flanked (Calling Card)
9.60 Minute Double Battle Pass XP Token
10.Brave Stripes (Weapon Camo)

Moreover, players can also purchase the  Call of Duty Endowment Warrior Pack, which retails at $9.99 for more rewards.

Can Players Still Get The Field Rep Progress Rewards?

To simply answer the question, No! Players cannot get the field rep progress rewards anymore.

This is because the event ended on November 22, meaning that this year’s field rep event is over.

Cod Mw3 True legends event duration
The official duration of the true Legends event in MW3.

Hence, players cannot get the Koa King Operator Skin as it was part of the event pass.

Moreover, since this event was related to charity, players must wait until an event like this returns.

But some players complain that the field rep is still accumulated at the end of each round.

However, they must note that it is nothing but a bug as the event ended near the end of November.

The Bottom Line

The Field Rep progress rewards were quite exciting as they provided a variety of new rewards.

Specifically, players liked the new Operator Ben, who was based on a real-life veteran.

Sadly, this event is past its expiry date, meaning that players can no longer obtain its rewards.

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