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Free Trial Not Working In COD MW3: Possible Causes

COD MW3 has just released the free trial version of the game, giving the game access to new players.

However, players are complaining online that the free trial is not working in the Steam store.

In COD MW3, the free trial feature is not working because it was only available till December 18th and is gone from the Steam store. Therefore, players must wait till the next season for this feature to return.

Continue reading this article to learn why the free trial is not working for COD MW3.

Why Does COD MW3 Say Free Trial?

COD MW3 is an FPS game that primarily costs 49.99$ on Steam, making it a premium game.

However, the game has released a free trial version from December 13 to December 18.

Hence, players can download this game for free during this time to get a first-hand experience of the game.

Mw3 free version
COD MW3 free trial version on Steam.

Moreover, players can play two modes in the free trial version: Zombies mode and Multiplayer mode.

Therefore, players should take this opportunity to play the game to decide whether they want to buy the game.

Nevertheless, players should note that this offer only lasts for a limited time and will be long gone soon.

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How To Download COD MW3 Free Trial?

There are various steps that players must follow before downloading the free trial version of the game.

In fact, here are all the steps that players must follow to access this game version:

  1. Firstly, players must log in to their Steam account to discover the free game version.
  2. Secondly, they must search “Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3” in the search bar and hit enter.
  3. Afterward, players will be guided to the game window where they can find the “Play Game” option.
  4. Then, they must access their game library in Steam to track the download progress of the game.
  5. Finally, players can enjoy the free version of the game by clicking the Play button on Steam.
  6. For ease of access, players can visit this Download link to determine whether the free version is still available.
Downloading COD MW3 free version
Download process of COD MW3 free trial.

However, players must note that their device has enough disk space for the game to run.

Why Is The MW3 Free Trial Not Working?

There are multiple reasons why the free version of the game is not working. They are:

  1. In general, the free trial version of the game only lasts till December 18 on Steam.
Reason why mw3 free trial is not working
The time limit is one of the reasons the MW3 free trial is not working
  1. Hence, players can no longer download the free version of the game as it has met its deadline.
  2. Secondly, there might not be enough disk space in the device which does not launch the game at all.
  3. Also, players must note that only the Zombies and Multiplayer modes work on the free version.
  4. Additionally, players cannot download the free version if they already possess the core game.
  5. Finally, the game server might be overloaded as many players are playing the free version.
  6. Therefore, players cannot enter the game because they must face a long queue.

The Bottom Line

COD MW3 releases a free version every season for a limited period to interact with potential new players.

Hence, players must take the opportunity to download the free version to get the feel of the game.

However, they must be quick to do so as the free trial period only lasts for around a week.

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