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Find Answer To The Quest : George The Oak Is Already 700

In Reverse 1999, players must answer a question about George the Oak, who is already 700 years old.

Players can enjoy role-playing scenarios, engage in battles and even travel through time.

Similarly, players have to provide the answer of ” George the Oak is already 700 years old. Which animals in the tree hole listened to that song with you?”.

In Reverse 1999, the answer to the question “George the Oak is already 700 years old. Which animals in the tree hole listened to that song with you?” is Red squirrels and Woodpeckers. However, the answer is case-sensitive, and players must be extra careful while answering.

Continue reading to learn more about George The Oak, which is already 700 in Reverse 1999.

Who Is George The Oak?

George is Oak is a character within the game “Reverse 199” who plays a significant role in the game story.

From the context of the game, players can find that George  The Oak is already 700 years old and holds a mysterious background.

Similarly, players need to understand  George the Oak, as they have to solve the quest related to him in Chapter 3.

Moreover, players must answer several questions in the game, for they will be rewarded with tremendous rewards.

The specific details of George the Oak’s identity may vary depending on the player’s preferred storyline and the objectives they complete.

Furthermore, George the Oak is shrouded in mystery, and players have to come across the quiz that is related to him.

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Players must come across the quest of George the Oak in chapter 3, where they are asked questions related to him.

Similarly, the answer to this question is a significant part of the game, and the players need to solve this quiz.

In chapter 3, first, players must uncover the actual age of George the Oak before moving to the next quest.

After learning that George, The Oak is already 700 years old, players can move to the next quest accordingly.

The next question is, “George the Oak is already 700 years old. Which animals in the tree hole listened to that song with you?”

George The Oak Related Quest
Players have to provide the correct answer for the Unexpected Audience Question.

Similarly, the animals that shared musical moments with George the Oak were Red Squirrels and Woodpeckers.

Moreover, players must remember that the quiz in the game in case case-sensitive, so it is required to provide the correct spelling.

Answer To the George the Oak quest
Players have to enter the answer correctly as it is case-sensitive.

However, players must understand that every piece of information can lead to an unexpected discovery.

Initially, players must reach stages 3-15 before they can unlock the quiz related to George The Oak.

Upon reaching level 3, the player can unlock the new quest known as the The Other Future.

During this quest of Reverse 1999, players can encounter two questions about George the Oak.

One is to find the age of George The Oak, and the next is to find the animals who sang together with him.

The Other Future
Players have to click the bright yellow thing to start the quest.

To receive the animals who sang together question, players have to click on the bright orange thing from the dashboard.

Upon clicking this person, the unexpected audience question arises where the quiz related to George the Oak pops up.

The Bottom Line

In Reverse 1999, players must encounter quests related to George the Oak, an ancient character already 700 years old.

Similarly, the animals, red squirrels and woodpeckers, that shared a song with George the Oak are the quiz solutions that players must write correctly.

In Summary, players have to solve the quests by answering the age of George the Oak and the name of the animals that sing alongside him.

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