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Auto Battle In Reverse 1999: How To Unlock It?

In Reverse 1999, players can unlock the ability to auto-battle, but it is only available after fulfilling specific prerequisites.

This feature allows players not to control the characters and go through the game quickly.

Players can unlock the auto-battle feature in Reverse 1999 after defeating the enemies at least once using their team composition. This method allows the players to think of a proper strategy and not depend on the AI of the game entirely.

This article discusses the auto-battle feature in Reverse 1999 and ways to unlock this feature.

What Is Auto Battle In Reverse 1999?

An auto-battle is a method to let the AI use your characters to fight off against other enemies.

The gacha game allows players to play as timekeepers who can travel between timelines.

Furthermore, players can collect various characters through the gacha method to create their own team.

This means there are times when players can create multiple teams with different compositions.

The players can save the team that they create to use for later purposes, however, there is a catch to it.

Additionally, players must keep a check on various banners that are available to them to create their ideal team.

This mechanic resembles games like Genshin Impact and Tower Of Fantasy.

Furthermore, each character excels at specific roles, such as healing, dealing damage, or crowd control.

Thus, players must keep that in mind when they pull for characters and not only focus on creating a pure DPS team.

create team before auto battle reverse 1999
Players can create a team to battle various enemies in reverse 1999.
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How To Unlock Auto Battle In Reverse 1999?

Unlike other games, unlocking the Auto battle in Reverse 1999 requires players to fulfill a few prerequisites.

However, these prerequisites are not as complex as players may think.

Player need to complete a battle manually before they can use the auto-battle feature for it.

Before obtaining the feature of allowing the AI to battle for you in Reverse 1999, players must first create a team.

After they create a team, they must head to battle enemies. 

Again after they defeat enemies with a team, the game will save that fight with the team’s composition.

This allows players to simply go into that battle again and just let the team defeat the enemy the same way they did before.

This is in place mainly because the developers want players to understand the fight mechanics of the game.

Furthermore, this method also allows the players to understand their team and make changes according to their requirements.

Additionally, the auto-battle will not activate unless you win the battle beforehand.

auto battle is turn based reverse 1999
Players can defeat enemies in a turn-based fight.

Thus, players must defeat the enemies with their tactics before letting the AI take over.

In case players create a different composition and then go to battle the same enemies.

Then, after they win the battle, the new team composition will overwrite the previous auto-battle.

This means players can battle with the same enemies multiple times to create the perfect team to defeat the enemy.

The Bottom Line

Auto battles are becoming more and more common in many games.

In Reverse 1999, the implementation of the auto-battle method is quite different, but in various cases, it is still not desirable.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in unlocking the auto-battle feature in Reverse 1999.

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