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Limited Characters: 5-6 Stars Legends In Reverse 1999

In Reverse 1999, some unique characters are only available for a limited time.

Each type has its strengths and weaknesses, including its differences in types, rarity, and banners.

Limited characters in Reverse 1999 are featured in limited banners, which include both 5-star as well as 6-star characters. Some limited characters are Regulus, Lilya, Druvis, Bkornblume, An-an Lee, Tooth Fairy, 37, and Ms. Moissan.

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Characters In Reverse 1999

Characters in Reverse 1999 are categorized into different types based on their elemental affinities.

The elemental types determine how characters interact with each other and their battle dynamics.

Therefore, the six damage types based on characters are:

  1. Characters with a Plant affinity, like An-an Lee, are related to growth, healing, and sometimes poison.
  2. Star-affiliated characters, like the Tooth Fairy, draw power from celestial forces who often have cosmic abilities.
  3. Beast types, like Bkornblume, connect to the animal kingdom with traits like agility, defense, and support.
  4. Likewise, Mineral-affiliated characters, like Ms. Moissan, are specialized in defense and support.
  5. Spirit characters, like Miss Radio, are linked to the supernatural, who can manipulate spirits and ghostly powers.
  6. Furthermore, Intelligence-affiliated characters, like Door, are often brilliant and use their wits in battle.
building a balanced team
Building a balanced team with Lilya, Voyager, Tooth Fairy, and An-an Lee.
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Banners In Reverse 1999

There are three different types of banners in Reverse 19999:

1. Beginner Banner

The Beginner Banner is a unique banner only available to new players.

Moreover, it guarantees a six-star character after 30 summons.

Likewise, the Beginner Banner features the following characters:

  • Regulus (six-star Star)
  • Lilya (six-star Star)
  • Druvis (six-star Star)
  • Bkorinblume (five-star Star)
  • An-an Lee (six-star Star)

Therefore, it is an excellent way for new players to get a powerful character at the beginning of their journey.

2. Limited Banner

The Limited Banner features unique characters only available for a limited time.

The period is usually available for two weeks only, so if the banner ends, then the featured character will also not be available.

It features one five-star character and two six-star characters, which are the most difficult to obtain but the most powerful ones.

Therefore, the Limited banner changes periodically, introducing fresh and attractive characters.

3. Standard Banner

The Standard Banner features all of the six-star and non-star characters.

It is always available and features a wide variety of characters.

Moreover, the six-star characters are not as challenging to obtain as on the Limited Banner.

Therefore, players can pull on the Standard Banner as often as they want.

Limited Characters In Reverse 1999

The table below includes some of the limited characters in Reverse 1999, along with their rarity, damage, and details.

Regulus6-starStarpowerful mental damage dealer
Lilya6-starStarburst reality damage dealer
Druvis6-starPlantreality damage dealer and ally buffer
Bkornblume5-starPlantenemy controller and high damage dealer
An-ae Lee6-starPlantreality damage dealer and ghostbuster
Tooth Fairy6-starPlanthealer, debuffer, and purifier
376-starStarreality and genesis damage dealer and enemy debuffs
Ms. Moissan6-starMineralpowerful crystal damage dealer

1. Regulus

Regulus is a six-star character who specializes in dealing with mental damage.

He can also increase the attack power of his allies, which makes him a good ally buffer.

Moreover, he is a powerful damage dealer who can deal much damage to enemies.

mental damage dealer
Regulus is a six-star mental damage dealer.

2. Lilya

Lilya is another six-star character who excels, in reality, with burst damage.

She is a powerful damage dealer who can deal a lot of damage to

Moreover, she can deal a lot of damage to enemies in a single burst, which makes her a powerful damage dealer.

However, she is also squishy, and if she is not protected, then the enemy can destroy her quickly.

3. Druvis

Likewise, Druvis is a six-star Plant character specializing in dealing with reality damage and buffing allies.

He is instrumental in team compositions that deal with reality damage.

Additionally, he is a support and control unit that deals mental damage to enemies.

4. Bkornblume

Bkornblume is a five-star Plant character specializing in controlling enemies and dealing significant damage.

She is a good unit for players who want to control the battlefield and take out high-priority targets quickly.

Moreover, she is also a good unit for players who want to increase the damage output of their team.

Therefore, she is a control unit that can debuff enemies and increase the attack power of her allies.

5. An-an Lee

An-an Lee is a six-star Plant character who specializes in dealing with reality damage and ghostbusting.

She is a good unit for players who want to fight against ghost enemies, as her attacks are especially effective against them.

Moreover, she is a good unit for players who want to deal damage to enemies and remove debuffs from their allies.

6. Tooth Fairy

Likewise, Tooth Fairy is a six-star character who is a healer, debuffer, and purifier.

She is a versatile unit that you can use in various team compositions and is especially useful in boss fights.

Moreover, she can heal her allies, debuff enemies, and remove debuffs from her allies.

7. 37

37 is another six-star character specializing in dealing with mental and genesis damage and applying debuffs to enemies.

He is a powerful unit that can deal much damage and disrupt the enemy team.

However, he is also a good ally buffer, as he can increase the attack power of his allies.

8. Ms. Moissan

Ms. Moissan is a six-star Mineral character who specializes in dealing with crystal damage.

She is a powerful damage dealer who can deal a lot of damage to enemies, especially those who are weak to crystal damage.

Moreover, she can dispel buffs from enemies and increase the damage they take from crystal damage.

Therefore, this makes her a versatile character you can use in various team compositions.

The Bottom Line

Although you have a lot of characters to choose from, it’s all about building a balanced team.

Limited characters are rare and limited for a certain period, making them the most difficult to obtain.

However, they are the most powerful characters, as they include primarily 5-star and 6-star characters only.

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