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Complete Guide To Defeat Devourer In The First Descendant

The First Descendent is a co-op shooter RPG game with different characters, locations, and bosses.

Devourer is a powerful and challenging boss players encounter in The First Descendent.

To defeat the Devourer in The First Descendent, you must ensure that you are playing with your friends, immediately defeat the 50% healing node, equip the electric modules and modules that reduce healing time, and finally, use the area to your benefit.

This article will provide a detailed guide on Devourer and how to defeat it in The First Descendant.

Introduction To The Devourer In The First Descendant

Devourer is the second boss in The First Descendant.

It is a giant robot with insane health regeneration and a toxic attack type.

You will encounter this boss in the Devourer Interception Mission.

It is deemed one of the most challenging missions in The First Mission.

Also, Once you start the interception, the boss will have tons of armor on.

Furthermore, it would be best if you fought this boss to reach above 36 gear.

However, defeating this boss is trickier than you think.

Even though this is not a hard-core boss, many players are having difficulties fighting this boss.

A Reddit user conveys the frustration about being unable to defeat the Devourer.

Players are concerned about why they can’t clear the Mission and want to know how to defeat the boss.

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How To Defeat Devourer In The First Descendant?

As mentioned earlier, this is the most challenging boss mission.

Therefore, most of the players are stuck and looking for a guide that helps them to defeat the boss.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how you can defeat this boss with ease;

1. Preparation Before Starting Mission

The vital thing you should do is to equip some of the highest level of equipment.

Also, make sure to equip three different types of ammo because you will spend lots of ammo.

Furthermore, ensure that the modules are fully upgraded.

Moreover, you can equip the electrical modules and modules that reduce the healing time.

This will mainly help reduce the boss’s health regeneration, providing an advantage in doing more damage.

Finally, put your best build to focus on the boss’s weakness and counter the poison attacks.

2. Focus On Boss’s Weaknesses

Next, you must know about the boss’s weak and critical points.

As the boss fight starts, he will have tons of armor on, and you have to destroy the armor with time.

To do this, you must keep attacking a specific weak spot of the Devourer boss.

However, defeating the boss in a given time can be difficult if you do not attack the boss’s weak point.

Mainly, you have to finish the  Devourer Interception Mission in 10 minutes.

Here are all the weak points listed below;

  • A sensor in his eye
  • A Core cap in his chest
  • Two shoulder pads
  • Balancer on his knee

No matter how ready you are, defeating this boss can be very difficult; you must continuously attack the weak spot and destroy the armor as quickly as possible.

The stats of the Devourer with its weak points.

This boss fight is also divided into two phases.

In the first phase, players must destroy all the armor and tear down the shoulder pad using the grapple.

As you break the armor, the boss will be staggered, in other words, stunned for a few seconds.

You can use this chance to deal damage until the weak spot turns yellow.

Once it gets yellow, use the grapple to tear down the boss’s shoulder pads.

This will stagger the boss for a bit longer than earlier.

Then, use this opportunity to attack him on his weak points mostly on his chest or eye.

3. Destroy Devourer Lanterns In The First Descendant

The six Nodes/lanterns will spawn in the second phase.

To defeat it, you have to get help from friends.

So,  I recommend you to play with your friends, which helps you to defeat the boss quickly.

This phase becomes difficult if you don’t coordinate with your party members.

You must destroy all the lanterns while dodging missiles falling from the sky every 20 seconds.

Furthermore, the missiles always spawn in the waves of three.

So, you can try to dodge all three if you can.

Additionally, you can use a Rocket Launcher or a Shotgun to destroy the lanterns quickly.

Devourer In The First Descendant
Destroy the lanterns with a shotgun as you dodge the rockets.

Once you destroy the lanterns, head to the boss and attack the weak points.

And as you attack for a minute or two, the boss will fall on the floors.

As you defeat the boss, you will get some great rewards.

The Bottom Line 

Devourer is the second boss in The First Descendent.

This boss is tricky to defeat due to its insane healing traits.

But, no matter how intense the boss is, there is always a way to defeat the boss.

You can focus on damaging this boss’s weak point while invading its attacks.

Therefore, Devourer in The First Descendant is a robust and sturdy boss but provides great rewards.

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