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Discover The Best Character In The First Descendant

In The First Descendant, who can deal the most damage, survive the longest, and complete the missions the fastest?

Additionally, who can stand up to the Vulgus and Karel and save humanity from extinction? 

Ajax is the best character in The First Descendant, as he has excellent shooting skills, damage output, and utility. However, players can find him in the S-tier of the game’s tier list.

This article will try to answer these questions by reviewing the different Descendant characters and their abilities.

Review To The First Descendant

The First Descendant is a free-to-play sci-fi co-op shooter RPG.

Players take the role of Descendants and fight against the Vulgus and their leader, Karel.

Additionally, the game features a variety of missions with different objectives and enemies.

As well as, it features boss battles against particularly tough foes.

Moreover, it has a crafting and research system that lets players unlock new Descendants, weapons, and upgrades.

Contrarily, the game supports cross-platform play and co-op with up to four players.

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Know The Best Descendant Characters

There are a total of ten Descendant characters to choose from.

Each has its unique abilities and playstyles.

Further, three of them are available from the start: Lepic, Ajax, and Viessa.

You can unlock the rest of the characters by completing missions, finding items, or spending money in shops.

However, among these characters, Ajax is the most potent, a master of spatial manipulation.

He distorts physical space and creates powerful barriers that protect allies and reflect enemy attacks.

He can bend, twist, and break the laws of physics to his advantage.

Further, he creates anomalies and paradoxes that defy logic and common sense.

Ajax is the most potent character.

What Makes Ajext The Best Descendant Character?

The skills Ajax uses make him the best descendant character.

He has skills such as Reversed Door, Void Walk, Expulsion, and HyperCube to manipulate the battlefield and damage enemies.

1. Reversed Door

Ajax creates a portal that connects two points in space.

He can use it to travel instantly, escape from danger, or surprise his enemies.

Moreover, he can use it to redirect projectiles, traps, or enemies to another location.

saves you from firing
Ajax saves you from enemy firing.

2. Void Walk

 Ajax enters a state of non-existence, becoming invisible and intangible.

He can move freely through any obstacle or barrier and avoid damage or detection.

Further, he can use this skill to sneak behind enemies and launch devastating attacks.

void walk
Void walk is one of the skills of Ajax.

3. Expulsion

Ajax unleashes a powerful blast of spatial energy that pushes away everything in its range.

He can use it to create distance, break formations, or disrupt enemy movements.

Additionally, he can use it to trigger environmental hazards or collapse structures.

Expulsion is one of the skills of Ajax.

4. Hyper Cube

Ajax creates a four-dimensional cube that traps enemies inside.

Further, the cube has different properties depending on its orientation.

The properties are gravity inversion, time dilation, spatial distortion, or reality inversion.

Generally, the cube is indestructible and inescapable and can only be deactivated by Ajax.

hypercube, the first descendant best character
Hypercube is one of the skills of Ajax.

How To Unlock Ajax In The First Descendant?

To unlock Ajax, you must find items, complete specific missions, or spend money in shops.

Here’s a description of how to unlock him.

1. Find Ajax Enhanced Cells 

To find Ajax Enhanced Cells, you must complete missions that involve fighting Vulgus enemies.

However, they are rare drops that have a low chance of appearing.

They are used to enhance Ajax’s rifle and drone abilities.

2. Buy Ajax Stabilizer

Players can buy Ajax Stabilizer from shops in Albion, the game’s central hub.

It costs 25,000 credits, and it is used to stabilize Ajax’s body and mind.

Thus, a stabilizer is necessary because he suffers from the side effects of using precursor powers.

3. Find Ajax Spiral Catalyst

Players can obtain Ajax Spiral Catalyst by completing a special mission.

However, the mission involves infiltrating a Vulgus base and stealing their technology.

Importantly, it is a device that can amplify Ajax’s precursor powers and make them more effective.

4. Find Ajax Code 

Players can acquire Ajax Code by completing a secret mission that involves finding and decrypting a hidden message from Ajax’s past.

Further, it is a code that can unlock Ajax’s memories and personality, as he has lost most of them due to the invasion.

The Bottom Line

The best character in The First Descendant depends on your playstyle and preference.

Overall, The First Descendant game has good intentions but mediocre execution.

Ajax is a ranged Descendant who can shoot enemies from afar and support his team with his drone.

Therefore, it might be worth checking out if you want a new co-op shooter experience.

However, don’t expect anything groundbreaking or revolutionary.

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