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Fishing Boss In OSRS: How To Defeat Him?

In OSRS, Fishing Boss poses a unique challenge that tests not fighting skills but fishing abilities.

This fearsome creature, who has been asleep for ages, has reawakened and unleashed violent storms that endanger the safety of sailors.

Tempoross, a fishing Boss is a powerful sea spirit that can be fought by players with at least level 35 Fishing. In OSRS, players can defeat him by preparing initially, attacking, and defending the Fishing Boss.

This article discusses preparation and how to defeat the fishing boss in OSRS.

Preparation Before Engaging Fishing Boss?

Before traveling into the eye of the storm, make sure you satisfy the following requirements:

Fishing Level 35 is required to capture harpoon fish, the primary weapon to combat Tempoross.

Equip yourself with a harpoon, a rope, and two buckets of water. These gadgets will be quite useful throughout the encounter.

You must go to the Ruins of Unkah, where Tempoross lives; players can use the Spirit Anglers’ port in Al Kharid.

When you arrive, board the strong fishing vessel waiting for you.

Once enough players are on board, the boat will sail towards the stormy waters.

Therefore, players must quickly gather harpoon fish as they get to the fishing grounds.

Once you’ve gathered enough harpoon fish, proceed to the island’s culinary shrine.

Afterward, you have to cook the fish to attain their resistance to the Fishing Boss.

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How To Harpoon Fish In OSRS?

There are two techniques to get this fish:

The first is to go to regular fishing spots, which produce only one fish every capture.

Likewise, jumping fish leap out of the water and can be caught with a well-timed harpoon throw.

harpoon in OSRS
Use this to gather fish.

Keep a watch out for the following dangers while fishing:

  • Tsunami Waves: Use the rope to rapidly attach yourself to a nearby totem or mast to avoid being washed away.
  • Lightning Strikes: it produces spots of flames on the ground. Extinguish these fires using a bucket of water to keep them from spreading and causing damage to your goods.

How To Defeat The Fishing Boss In OSRS?

Fishing Boss will emerge from the deep when the storm strength reaches a particular level.

The combat against this strong creature is divided into two stages:

1. Destroying Fishing Boss

You must use the cooked harpoon fish to fire from the cannon to damage the Fishing Boss.

In order to deal damage, aim towards the Fishing Boss spinning vortex.

fishing boss in osrs
This is the Fishing Boss, Tempoross.

2. Countering Tempoross’s Attacks

Be aware of the following attacks when attacking Tempoross:

  • Tsunami Waves: These waves are more powerful than those encountered during the fishing period. To stay safe, tether oneself to a totem or mast.
  • Lightning strikes: These are more often and more forceful. To prevent harm, move away from the striking zones.
  • Hammer Strikes: The Fishing Boss may temporarily use his hammer to disable the gun. In order to avoid being shocked, you have to stay away from the cannon during his strike.

Rewards After Defeating Fishing Boss

If the players beat Tempoross before the storm reaches 100% intensity, they will be victorious and receive important gifts and experience.

Victorious players get Fishing Boss’ favor, which can be redeemed for a range of products such as:

  • Unique Fishing Equipment: This equipment improves fishing efficiency and gives additional benefits.
  • Rare Fish: These fish may be prepared into strong food dishes that improve various abilities.
  • Cosmetics: These accessories let players personalize their appearance and demonstrate their mastery of Tempoross.

The Bottom Line

Fishing Boss is an exciting and unusual task involving fishing ability and strategic thought.

Players may emerge and reap the benefits of their aquatic endeavors by learning the skill of fishing.

Players should work on factors like teamwork, jumping fish, and adaptability to defeat the Fishing Boss.

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