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Seek Out And Stop The Blood Harvest: Season 2 Guide

In season 2 of Diablo 4, players must seek out and stop the blood harvest to annihilate the spreading terror and save humanity.

In the shadow of the Blood Harvest event, it is your duty to kill Blood Seekers and stop this dark force from consuming Sanctuary.

You must seek out and gather Blood Lures and Seeker Keys to stop the Blood Harvest. Also, you must activate the Sanguine Altars to unlock the heart. Coordinating with fellow players is key to winning against Blood Seekers and stopping the Blood Harvest.

Continue reading to find out how to seek out and stop the blood harvest in Season 2 of Diablo 4.

How To Stop The Blood Harvest In Season 2?

The Blood Harvest Event in Season 2 outstretches terror across the Sanctuary of the dark and creepy world of Diablo 4.

As a brave adventurer of Diablo 4, you must focus on being one of the warriors to seek out and stop the Blood Harvest.

Stop the blood Harvest in season 2 Diablo 4
The Blood Harvest Event in Season 2 outstretches terror across the Sanctuary.

By doing so, you will prevent the spread of darkness and save humanity in the world of Diablo.

If you are looking forward to stopping this sinister and demonic event from happening, you can follow the key steps;

1. Gather Blood Lures And Seeker Keys

Before you start working to stop the Blood Harvest, it is a crucial step that you gather the necessary resources to engage with the event.

Getting Blood Lures
It is crucial to gather Blood Lure and Seeker keys during the event.

The players must get the Blood Lures and Seeker keys, as they are the fundamental objects to unlock the heart of the Blood Harvest.

I. Uses Of Blood Lures And Seeker Keys 

You can use Blood Lures to interact with offering Altars during the event.

Seeker Keys are essential for unlocking the Seeker Caches containing valuable items like Armor Pacts.

II. Participate In Random Blood Harvest Events

The way to gather Blood Lures is to participate in random events that happen within the Blood Harvest, like Hunt Blood Seekers.

Likewise, you can explore the event area precisely and participate in obtaining Seeker Keys to unlock the heart of the Blood Harvest.

2. Find The Blood Harvest Event Location

The next step is to find the Blood Harvest Event location, so look in various locations across the Sanctuary.

You can look for it every hour as the Blood Harvest Events will spawn each hour around the places in the Sanctuary.

Find Green Swamp Indicator

Initially look for the unique-looking and striking Green Swamp Indicator with a skull icon on the map.

In addition, the skull icon will look somewhat similar to the Helltides.

Remember that this event has no downtime, so it will allow you to engage with it continuously.

3. Activate The Sanguine Altars

The Sanguine Altars are the Blood Harvest event’s epicentre, so you must activate the Sanguine Altars to unlock the heart.

Sanguine Altars are the offering altars, so it will require you to give a total of 150 Blood Lures to activate it to the fullest.

Furthermore, you must provide 50 Blood Lures to each of the three Altars.

Join Forces To Collect Blood Lures 

Hence, you can co-ordinate and use the help of your fellow players, which will be immensely beneficial to complete this task.

Now,  join forces with other adventurers and collectively contribute the much-needed Blood Lures to activate the Sanguine Altars.

After the Sanguine Altars activates, the event will begin attracting powerful Blood Seekers to the Altars.

4. Face The Blood Seekers

Now, you must prepare to battle the Blood Seekers that will come for the Blood Harvest as soon as Altars activates.

Hunt Blood Seekers
Kill the Blood Seekers that come to begin Blood Harvest as soon as Altars activates.

Blood Seekers are formidable foes who will do anything in their power to start the Blood Harvest, so you need to stop them by any means.

Gain Hunter’s Acclaim Points

Finally, you can accumulate valuable loot after defeating them as they will drop Potent Blood, the Hunters’ Acclaim Points.

Hunter's Acclaim Points
Defeat Blood seekers and get valuable loot like Potent Blood, the Hunters’ Acclaim Points.

So remember that working with your team will help you swiftly and efficiently conquer these enemies.

5. Utilize Seeker Keys

Subsequently, participate in the Harvest events by taking advantage of the Seeker Keys you obtained earlier in the event.

You can use these Seeker Keys to unlock Seeker Caches, which allow players to gain valuable and rare items.

Unlock Seeker Caches For Rare Rewards

Upon unlocking Seeker Caches, you can gain rare items like Cleansing acids, Armor Pacts, Blood Lures and Potent Blood.

Hence, please make the most of your Seeker Keys by opening the caches and collecting their rewards.

The Bottom Line

Remember that collaboration with other players is the key to boosting your chances of victory.

As a brave adventurer, you must face the darkness, protect humanity, and end the Blood Harvest once and for all.

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