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How To Flex In Front Of The Guns In OSRS?

Many players are searching for a way to flex in front of the guns in Old School RuneScape(OSRS).

Hence, players must find exclusive items and loads of cash to impress others.

Players can flex in front of the guns in OSRS by getting hands-on rare and epic items, including Armadyl Set, Torva Chest Plate, Elysian Sigil, Third Age Equipments, and Abyssal Dagger.

Continue reading to explore how to flex in front of the guns in School RuneScape.

Flexing In OSRS

Flexing in front of other guns is a sign of showing off exclusive items or skins to other players.

Eventhough, there are various ways to flex in games by showing off the skills or the ranks.

The best way to show is definitely by putting on exclusive gear, owning the best sigil or an excellent dagger.

If lucky, players can get exclusive items in a battle from the Minion drop and chests.

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Items To Flex In Front Of The Guns In OSRS

Here is the list of items to flex in front of friends in OSRS,

1. Armadyl Chestplate

The Armadyl Chestplate is by far the biggest flex in Old School RuneScape, thanks to its epic rarity.

Even though there is a different path for obtaining the Kree’arra, i.e., in the God War Dungeons.

The process is unlikely for beginners; its value is 2,90,000, and it sells for almost four million.

Moreover, the Armadyl Chestplate also provides high defensive bonuses along with the Prayer skills.

flex in front of the guns osrs
Use the Armadyl Chestplate to bolster the defense.

2. Torva

Torva Armour is another exclusive set that should be the most considerable flex among others, thanks to its billion-GE pricing.

Unfortunately, players can get the Torva only from the Nex, the Zaros’ follower.

If players are willing to upgrade the Armour, they must have an ancient blood ornament kit.

Torva armour
Upgrade Torva using the blood ornament kit.

Players must defeat awakened versions of new Desert Daggere 2 bosses to get the kit.

3. Abyssal Dagger

The Abyssal Dagger is probably the most potent in RORS, which requires 70 attacks to build.

Moreover, the Dagger boasts exterior looks and damage compared to daggers like Staff of the Dead.

In addition, the stabbing weapon offers a +5 attack and +3 strength compared to the Dead.

Abyssal dagger osrs
Use the dagger for higher accuracy and bonus.

4. 3rd Age Pickaxe

3rd Age Pickaxe is currently the most expensive item in OSRS, which prices over whooping 2 billion coins.

Furthermore, the only way to get the Pickaxe is through the trade or via the drop from master treasure trails.

3rd age equipment pickaxe
Players can try their luck and open the master treasure to get the Pickaxe.

Other 3rd age equipment of the high treasure trails, including the Druidic Robe Top and Druidic Robe buttons.

Moreover, all the 3rd age equipment goes for the value above billion or two billion coins for exchange.

The Bottom Line

Numerous other items include 3rd age equipment, Twisted Bows and Elysian equipment to flex over the Guns.

However, only a few items sell over a billion coins which can be an excellent investment for the future or the current build.

Moreover, players should be extremely lucky to get these items or trade them for millions of coins, making them rare.

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