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Why Is MW3 HRM-9 Not Unlocking: How To Unlock It?

The HRM-9 was introduced in the season one reloaded update of Call of Duty: MW3 and players are complaining it is not unlocking.

This weapon is ideal for players who prefer an assertive and aggressive playstyle but cannot unlock it.

Players encountered issues of the HRM-9 not unlocking in MW3, even after fulfilling the necessary criteria. However, to unlock them, challenges like the JAK Thunder LMG Kit, JAK BFB, etc., need to be completed.

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Issues With MW3 HRM-9 Not Unlocking

Users have reported a bug in the battle pass affecting the unlocking of the HRM-9 gun.

However, Some users who purchased the bundle for the HRM-9, are willing to share it.

Despite the gun being unlocked, fully leveled, and adorned with a golden enigma, both mag attachments remain unavailable.

Further, there’s uncertainty about potential level requirements for the attachments beyond the maximum of 18.

Moreover, when attempting to extract multiple Fennec 45s, they come across a bug that causes the HRM-9 to become locked.

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How To Unlock The HRM-9 SMG In MW3?

HRM-9 SMG is available in both MW3 and Warzone. It is one of the new unlockable weapons for Season 1 Reloaded.

Each challenge grants a weapon attachment/kit, leading to the final reward, the HRM-9 SMG.

To gain access to the HRM-9, you must complete the task associated with Sector A21 on the Season 1 Battle Pass map.

Moreover, you can unlock this new weapon by completing tasks in Multiplayer, Warzone, and Zombies.

mw3 hrm 9 challenges
Players have to complete four challenges to unlock HRM-9 in COD: MW3.

Here are the specific challenges players have to complete to unlock the HRM-9.

  1. JAK Thunder LMG Kit: Unlock the JAK Thunder LMG Kit by securing 10 Operator or special Zombie kills while aiming down sights (ADS) with an SMG.
  2. JAK BFB: Acquire the JAK BFB by obtaining 10 Operator or special Zombie hip fire kills with SMGs.
  3. Cranium-Cracked Emblem: Attain the Cranium-Cracked emblem by scoring 10 operator headshots or special Zombie critical kills with SMGs.
  4. 30 Minutes Double XP: Earn 30 minutes of double XP by achieving 10 Operator or special Zombie Tac Stance kills with SMGs.

After unlocking the HRM-9 SMG in MW3, leverage the double XP token for swift leveling and attachment customization.

Then, assess its performance against popular loadouts like the WSP Swarm or Stinger, as Season 1 reloaded has adjusted previous weapon strengths.

Further, the HRM-9 and the TAQ Evolvere LMG are free to unlock, eliminating the need to purchase the battle pass.

Moreover, you can explore the potential of this lightweight, rapid-fire SMG as a viable addition to your arsenal.

What’s New In The Call of Duty: MW3?

Along with HRM-9 SMG, season One Reloaded in Modern Warfare 3 introduces new exciting things, like the 6v6 map Rio.

Moreover, two new Operators, A-Train and Firecracker, from The Boys, an Amazon Prime TV Series, will debut.

In contrast, the collaborative event, Supe Siege, will unfold, adding excitement to the gaming experience.

The multiplayer aspect of the game boasts sixteen remastered maps from 2009’s Modern Warfare 2.

However, the developers have plans to include at least twelve additional maps after the initial launch.

Despite the focus on multiplayer, the game also features a Zombies mode.

Interestingly, this mode promises an open-world player versus environment encounter, providing a unique gaming dimension.

The Bottom Line

Players must complete all four challenges to finally unlock the HRM-9 SMG in the game.

However, players who want to avoid the challenge can buy the new System Error bundle in-store.

The bundle costs 2,000 COD points and store includes a Severed Security blueprint for HRM-9.

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