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How To Play As A Wild Magic Barbarian In BG3?

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a game where you make your character and choose a subclass.

One of the subclasses is the Wild Magic Barbarian, who uses magic to boost their strength and rage effects.

As a Wild Magic Barbarian in BG3, you can unleash random and powerful magic effects when you rage but also face some risks and challenges. This subclass is for players who love to mix melee combat with arcane magic and embrace the chaos. 

Continue reading to explore how to play as a Wild Magic Barbarian and its effects.

What Is Wild Magic Barbarian In BG3?

The Wild Magic is a subclass of Barbarian in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Barbarians’ primary ability is Strength, with a Hit Dice of 1d12.

Their saving throw proficiencies are Strength and Constitution.

Barbarians use many weapons and armor and hit things hard.

wild magic barbarian bg3
Wild Magic is a subclass of Barbarian.

A Barbarian’s primary stat is, unsurprisingly, their Strength. However, Barbarians tend to be frontline melee characters.

Additionally, the Wild Magic Barbarians are infused with arcane power. Therefore, going into a Rage causes a random magical effect.

Additionally, there are three subclasses of Barbarian: Wild Heart, Wild Magic and Berserker.

wild magic barbarian bg3
Wild Magic Barbarians are infused with arcane power.

How To Play As A Wild Magic Barbarian In BG3?

Playing as a Wild Magic Barbarian in BG3 can be a fun and unpredictable experience.

You can use magic to boost your strength and rage effects.

Some tips on how to play as a Wild Magic Barbarian in BG3 are:

1. Choose A Race

Choose a race that boosts your Strength and Constitution, such as Half-Orc, Githyanki, or Mountain Dwarf.

Thus, these stats will improve your melee damage, hit points, and unarmored defense.

select a race, wild magic barbarian bg3
Select a race to boost your Strength.

2. Pick Skills

Pick skills that suit your role as a frontline fighter, such as Athletics, Insight, Perception, or Religion.

Moreover, you can choose skills that reflect your connection to nature or magic, such as Animal Handling.

Charisma Skill
Extract the Charisma Skill in the Class.

3. Equip A Weapon

Equip a weapon that deals significant damage and has the light or thrown property, such as a battleaxe or handaxe.

Additionally, it allows you to use the Wild Magic feature that changes your weapon’s damage type to force.

This feature also lets you throw your weapon at enemies.

equipping a weapon, wild magic barbarian bg3
Equip a weapon that deals significant damage.

4. Use Your Rage

Use your Rage action before engaging in combat.

Generally, it will give you extra damage and resistance to physical damage.

It will also give you an advantage on strength checks and saving throws.

Additionally, it will trigger a random magical effect from the Wild Magic table.

Use your Rage

5. Get Ready For Anything

The Wild Magic effects are random and can be beneficial or harmful depending on the situation.

Some effects may affect your allies or enemies as well.

However, concentration spells or other sources of psychic damage can end your rage prematurely.

Effects Of The Wild Magic Rage In BG3

You can teleport 30 feet as a bonus action while raging.

Some more effects of the wild magic rage are:

1. Rage Burst

You can summon a flumph or a pixie spirit near an enemy you can see within 30 feet.

The spirit explodes at the end of your turn, forcing nearby creatures to dodge or take force damage.

You can repeat this effect every turn while you are raging.

2. Magic Rebound

Your weapon becomes infused with magic and deals force damage instead of its standard type.

Moreover, your weapon also becomes lighter and easier to throw, ranging from 20 to 60 feet.

Further, your weapon always returns to your hand at the end of your turn, even if you throw it or drop it.

3. Magic Lash

Magic lashes out in retribution whenever a creature hits you with an attack roll before your rage ends.

That creature takes 1d6 force damage from the magic.

4. Light Armor

Multicolored lights surround you and protect you from harm, giving you a +1 bonus to your armor class.

Your allies within 10 feet of you also benefit from the lights and gain the same bonus.

The Bottom Line

Playing as a Wild Magic Barbarian in BG3 is not for the faint of heart or the risk-averse.

You may find yourself in hilarious or dangerous situations you did not anticipate, however, it is part of the charm and challenge of this subclass.

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