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Forfeit Shrine Eggs: Ascendant Challenge In Destiny 2

Forfeit Shrine refers to the Ascendant Challenges in Destiny 2, where players must randomly grab the three orbs throughout the map.

Moreover, players can discover and destroy corrupted eggs during the Forfeit Shrine Ascendant Challenge.

The Forfeit Shrine Ascendant Challenge in Destiny 2 helps players collect corrupted eggs around its location while completing the challenges. Similarly, players can complete this challenge by unlocking the entrance of the Gardens Of Esila.

Continue reading this article to discover everything about the Forfeit Shrine Challenge and Corrupted Eggs.

What Is The Forfeit Shrine Challenge?

The Forfeit Shrine Ascendant Challenge in Destiny 2 is a specific challenge that can be completed in the game.

Similarly, players can also obtain titles such as Cursebreaker by completing these challenges every week.

Likewise, this challenge helps players destroy corrupted eggs found within or around the area of the challenge.

Destroying these eggs contributes to the overall completion of the Corrupted Omelette Triumph.

Moreover, these eggs are frequently hidden in specific locations, so finding them requires careful research.

Lastly, these eggs help players gain extra rewards and upgrade their level.

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How To Open The Forfeit Shrine Portal?

To complete the Forfeit Shrine Challenge, players should first enter the Ascendant Plane.

The main entrance for Forfeit Shrine Ascendant Challenges is in the Gardens Of Esila.

Moreover, players must use the Tincture Of Queensfoil Item buff to see and use the entrance.

Reaching Gardens Of Esila, The Dreaming City.
Reaching Gardens Of Esila, The Dreaming City, during Forfeit Shrine Challenge in Destiny 2.

If players don’t use the Tincture Of Queensfoil item, they won’t be able to see the entrance to Gardens Of Esila.

Also, Tincture Of Queensfoil will only last for 30 minutes, meaning that players must complete the challenge in this duration.

Location Of Corrupted Eggs In Forfeit Shrine

Players can find corrupted eggs in various locations throughout Destiny 2 while completing different challenges.

However, specifically during the Forfeit Shrine Ascendant Challenge in the Gardens of Esila, two corrupted eggs are accessible.

Destroying corrupted egg in Forfeit Shrine
Destroying corrupted egg during Forfeit Shrine challenge.

These eggs can only be located as players reach the Forfeit Shrine through the portal of the Gardens of Esila.

So, players will need to follow the steps below to find these corrupted eggs in Destiny 2 accurately.

  1. The first corrupted egg in the Gardens of Esila is located at the top of the waterfall in the central area.
  2. Players can quickly destroy the first egg by standing on the bridge.
  3. The second corrupted egg is stuck to the cliff across from the circular platform with the pillars.
  4. Players must face the direction leading “up” toward the portals and look to the left to spot the second egg.

The Bottom Line

The Forfeit Shrine Ascendant Challenge in Destiny 2 involves collecting orbs and destroying corrupted eggs around the area.

Similarly, players need to find the entrance to the Tincture of Queensfoil to access this challenge.

However, careful exploration and observation are necessary to find the hidden locations of these corrupted eggs. 

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