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Find The Empty Treasure Chest In Palia: Guide For Beginners

The Empty Treasure Chest in Palia is an item that is not functional and does not add to the player’s storage capacity.

It is a fun and engaging way to explore the game world and test the player’s wits and is mainly used for decoration purposes.

Players can find Empty Chests by digging up certain locations, like the Riddle Map reward, and Wayfinder Voyage reward, and buried on the shores of the Island, excluding Outposts, Seaposts, and Forts.

In this article, we will explore everything about the Empty Chest and where players can find it in Palia.

What Is An Empty Chest In Palia?

Empty Chest is a reward item which does’nt contain any kind of resources.

However, this Chest is of no use as players cannot store anything in it.

At a point, the quest requires players to have an empty chest to complete it successfully.

Correspondingly, the reward for completing the quest is a replica of the empty chest that can be used as a decoration.

Treasure Chest Palia
This is the empty Treasure chests of Palia.
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Where Is Empty Chest In Palia?

Players typically discover the Empty Chest beneath the land level of the game.

Additionally, players can achieve this chest by completing the Reward Quests like the Riddle Map reward and Wayfinder Voyage reward.

Likewise, another place where players can search for empty chests is the deep ground on the shores of the Island.

search empty chest palia
Players are ready to go in search of Empty Chest.

How To Find Empty Chest In Palia?

Explore the lush landscapes of Palia, a vast and diverse world.

Team up with others and start digging the ground level to find the Empty Chest.

As a beginner, you need to know that there is no proper use of this chest in the game as it is only for decoration purposes.

You can use the following tactics to find the Empty Chest in Palia.

1. Roam The Lush Landscapes

As you roam the meadows, forests, and beaches, keep a keen eye out for hidden corners and secluded spots.

These chests are not seen but can be tracked using a tracker kit.

2. Explore Ancient Ruins And Structures

Ancient ruins and mysterious structures scattered across Palia often hide secrets, including the elusive Empty Chests.

Venture into these intriguing locales, decipher the clues they offer, and you may stumble upon a chest that holds more questions than answers.

3. Search In Caves And Caverns

Caves and caverns, each with its own set of wonders, riddle the underground world of Palia.

Therefore, take a lantern and explore the depths, as some Empty Chests may be tucked away in the darkness, waiting for an intrepid adventurer to unveil their secrets.

4. Investigate Abandoned Villages

Abandoned villages and forgotten settlements tell tales of bygone eras.

Therefore, wander through these desolate places, where Empty Chests may be remnants of a time long past.

5. Seek Guidance From NPCs

You can engage with the friendly NPCs (non-player characters) scattered throughout Palia.

Some of them might offer valuable hints and clues about the locations of Empty Chests.

The Bottom Line

The quest to find Empty Chests in Palia is an immersive adventure, blending exploration with the thrill of discovery.

Hence, venture into the landscapes, explore ancient ruins, delve into caves, and unravel the mysteries that Palia has to offer.

May you fill your journey with wonder and experience the joy of unlocking the secrets hidden within these elusive chests.

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