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Fortnite Big Bang Not Working: Causes And Fixes

During the recently launched Big Bang event of Fortnite, many players have reported their Big Bang event is not working.

Fortnite has launched its Big Bang event which ingested the classic Eminem playsuits for players to listen to.

However, most of the users are experiencing queue issues while trying to enter the Big Bang event.

In Fortnite, the main reason behind the Big Bang event not working is the heavy traffic during this event. Similarly, millions of people around the globe were trying to access this live event, which led to queue problems as well.

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What Is Fortnite Big Bang Event?

Recently, Fortnite has launched its The Big Bang Event which included the live concert of Eminem for its players.

For this chapter 4 season, Fortnite has collaborated with the famous rapper “Eminem” for the Big Bang Event.

Big Bang Event
Players can now enjoy the Big Bang Event in Fortnite.

Like previous events in Fortnite, the Big Bang Event will bring the end of this season by destroying the map with these meteors.

Thus, players start the new season of Fortnite by enjoying the Eminem concert during the Big Bang Event.

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Why Is Big Bang Queue Not Working In Fortnite?

As soon as Fortnite collaborated with Eminem for their new Big Bang event, it sets the gaming community on fire.

Since there are numerous Eminem fans in the Fortnite community, millions of users were trying to access the Fortnite Big Bang Event.

The Event experienced heavy traffic which led to server issues, causing the failure of the live event.

Big Bang Event Not Working
A player has queue issues while connecting to the Live Big Bang Event.

Some players get a queue time of 3 to 4 hours to join the live concert in the Big Bang event.

Additionally, some players have reported they are not able to join this live event as they are stuck in long queues.

Thus, due to the heavy load in the Fortnite Server, players are experiencing issues like the Bigbang live event not working.

Fixes For Big Bang Not Working In Fortnite

Many players are frustrated as they cannot enter the Big Bang live event that featured the Eminem Concert.

Similarly, most players who are die-hard Eminem fans are disappointed with Fortnite.

However, they are not the only ones facing this problem, the whole Fortnite community is facing queue error.

Besides that, Fortnite has also responded to this live event of Big Bang, not Working, and queue issues.

Fortnite Response For Big Bang Event
Fortnite has assured its players that they can have access to this event again.

Moreover, Fortnite has made its statement on X to assure its players they will have access to this event soon.

Fortnite has mentioned that they will release this Big Bang event again for two more showings.

For players who missed this event they can witness the Eminem Concert again after the 2 p.m. ET Show.

The Bottom Line

Fortnite collaborating with Eminem for the Big Bang Event is exciting news for Eminem Fans in the Fortnite Community.

However, due to the influx of users in this live event of Big Bang, the server crashed getting players stuck in the queue.

Players should not worry about having queue issues as Fortnite will add two more showings of the Big Bang Event.

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