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Bonus Rewards Leaked In Fortnite OG: Unlock Them

Many folks in the Fortnite community share game details before they’re officially announced.

These leaks may spoil some of the surprises Epic Games has planned for the Fortnite OG season.

There are leaked bonus rewards in Fortnite OG, including gold Super Styles for skins like Omegarok, Lil Whip, and Lynx, sparking varied reviews among players worldwide.

In this article, we will discuss the Fortnite OG leaked bonus rewards.

What Are Bonus Rewards In Fortnite?

In Fortnite, bonus rewards typically refer to additional items, skins, or cosmetics players can earn.

Players can earn them through the battle pass and by collecting battle stars.

In Fortnite, bonus rewards are separated into pages unlocked over time by reaching specific milestones and completing challenges.

Before players can claim the bonus rewards, they must unlock all the standard rewards in the battle pass.

Like other seasons, this season also has various bonus rewards that have been leaked.

As the v27.10 update is released, various discussions are going on about the leaked bonus rewards.

Despite the reduction in the number of Battle Pass rewards, players can still access bonus rewards in Fortnite OG.

The bonus rewards tab is available, which allows players to unlock additional styles for the Battle Pass skins.

bonus rewards fortnite og
Bonus rewards are additional items players need to earn.
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Leaked Bonus Rewards In Fortnite OG

Various leaks have surfaced, shedding light on the bonus rewards associated with the OG season. 

The leak indicates that the Super Styles for the skins in the bonus rewards take the form of ‘Time Breaker’ shimmering gold and white color schemes.

Interestingly, the leak mentions gold versions for skins like Omegarok, Lil Whip, and Lynx.

The Fortnite OG bonus rewards include Super Styles in gold for certain skins in the Battle Pass.

These Super Styles are part of the bonus rewards on page 2 of the Battle Pass.

ime breaker lynx fortnite og
Gold Super skin bonus reward in Fortnite

Gold Super Styles Bonus Reward

The three mystery skins with gold Super Styles are Time Breaker versions of the previous Battle Pass skins: Omegarok, Lil Whip, and Lynx.

The Super Styles feature a Time Breaker shimmering gold and white color scheme.

Lynx comes with an additional extra style, which is her closed mask.

In addition to the Super Styles, other bonus rewards are available, such as emotes, V-Bucks, back bling styles, weapon wraps, and pickaxes.

Examples of bonus rewards include:

  • Split Emote
  • V-Bucks
  • Just Desserts Weapon Wrap
  • Scratchmark Shredder Pickaxe
  • Dark Storm Renegade Rustcat Back Bling Style
  • Time Breaker Lil Split 
  • Magmatic Renegade Lynx Skin Style
  • Time Breaker Renegade Lynx 
  • Time Breaker Omegarok 
time breaker lil split
Time breaker Lil Split Gold Super Style

How To Unlock Bonus Rewards In Fortnite OG?

Here is how you can unlock the bonus rewards in Fortnite OG:

1. Level Up To 100

Achieve level 100 in the Season 5 Battle Pass by completing challenges and gaining experience points.

The bonus rewards featuring these golden Super Styles will be available for only a limited time.

Therefore make sure to reach level 100 within the specified period.

2. Get Golden Super Styles

Earn exclusive Super Styles for free Battle Pass skins, including a golden Renegade Lynx, golden Lil Split, and golden Omegarok.

3. Exclusive Styles For Ranked Play

Participate in the upcoming ranked cup based on your ranked play rank (e.g., Bronze, Diamond) to unlock exclusive rewards.

These rewards include a glider and an umbrella by earning 75 points in the cup.

4. Check Back Regularly

The game often introduces new content and features.

Therefore, stay updated on Fortnite announcements and events for additional bonus rewards or surprises,

The Bottom Line

Fortnite OG has stirred excitement and discussions within its vast community, particularly with the leaked bonus rewards.

Despite differing opinions, bonus rewards add extra excitement for players in Fortnite OG.

Hopefully, with the help of this article, you will be able to know everything about the leaked bonus rewards.

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