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Why Is Fortnite Ready Up Gone?

Did you know the “Ready Up” option is gone in Fortnite?

After the recent patch, players cannot find the “Ready Up” option.

The “Ready up” option is unavailable due to an issue the developers are facing after the recent update. The recent update for Fortnite was for the start of a new season, but instead, it is causing a huge uproar due to the removal of some quality-of-life options.

This article discusses the ready-up option and why it is unavailable in Fortnite.

What Is Ready Up In Fortnite?

Ready Up is an option in Fortnite that allows players to queue instantly after a game ends.

Furthermore, players can also also find this option when they are in the lobby.

The Ready Up option is an excellent way for players to jump from one game to another as soon as the previous one ends.

This option is more of a quality-of-life feature for the players.

Additionally, compared to other games, the “Ready Up” option is rather unique to Fortnite.

Furthermore, this feature also reduces the waiting time for the players to join another game, thus, it is a great feature overall.

Moreover, players directly interact with the “Ready Up” feature while in-game.

Thus, it reduces multiple useless clicks before entering another game.

Ready up button fortnite
Ready Up allows players to queue into another match instantly.
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Why Did Fortnite Remove Ready Up?

Currently, the “Ready Up” button does not appear for players in-game.

Furthermore, the developers even posted on their X account (formerly Twitter) detailing that they are removing the “Ready Up” button.

This post comes after players noticed the “Ready Up” option was not showing up.

Moreover, this issue only arose after the recent patch for Fortnite.

After the new patch, a new season began for Fortnite, however, there were various issues during the update.

The issue ranged from a long wait time for the patch and also a long wait time to get into the game from the lobby.

Thus, the new season of Fortnite did not go as planned.

Furthermore, after the issue with the “Ready Up” option, the developers also removed the “Split Screen” and “Keep Playing Together” options.

Fortnite ready up button gone
Fortnite posts about disabling the “ready up” option alongside other options on their X account.

The developers also posted that it is due to an issue that they are removing the option.

However, they did not give a definite time for when the options will be back.

Thus, we can expect the options to be unavailable for some time.

Furthermore, players are also speculating that the developers plan to remove the options entirely.

However, it is only a speculation, thus, players can calmly wait for the update on the issues pertaining to the “Ready Up” option.

After the removal of the options, players are voicing their dissatisfaction through various forums and social media platforms.

Players are also looking for a way to bring the buttons back somehow, but it is all for naught since they are disabled until further notice.

The Bottom Line

The “Ready Up” button is a great feature for players who do not want to return to the lobby and enter another match.

However, after its removal until further notice, the players find the back-and-forth a hassle.

But, as the developers have clarified, it is due to an issue, and they are working on a fix.

Thus, players must be patient and bear with the inconvenience.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning about why the Fortnite ready-up option is gone.

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