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Fortnite Chapter 5: Storm Moving Too Fast

In Recently launched Fortnite chapter 5, players have reported the storm is too fast making it difficult for players to maneuver.

Many players have taken it to the gaming communities and shared their concerns regarding the speed of the storm.

As always Fortnite has brought new updates in their recently launched chapter 5 and is generating a wave of excitement among players.

In this new chapter 5 of season 1 of Fortnite, the storm moves too fast and closes the safe zone within a limited time. Hence to survive getting caught in the Storm, players must use Shockwaves or vehicles to outrun the Storm. 

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Fortnite Chapter 5:  An Overview Of Storm

During their battle royal journey in Fortnite, players have to compete with other players to survive in the game.

Similarly, Fortnite has introduced The Storm in the game which will occur at the beginning of the battle royal game.

Likewise, this storm comes in the form of circles and travels around the map, players must evade it to survive.

As the game time passes by, the storm will continue growing its circles and will completely occupy the Fortnite map.

Thus, players must evade the storm circle and proceed to the safe zone before the storm hits them and depletes their health.

Moreover, players should navigate towards the safe zone known as Storm Eye to avoid the fast-moving storm in Fortnite.

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Fortnite: Is Storm Moving Too Fast In Chapter 5?

As players started the new chapter of Fortnite, several players reported the storm was moving too fast.

Similarly while looking at the lively discussion in the gaming communities, many players are raising concerns about the accelerated storm.

Moreover, due to the tremendous speed of the storm in Fortnite Chapter 5, players are only able to explore the little area on the map.

This event has raised concern among the enthusiasts as their ability to explore the new map has been reduced.

Fortnite chapter 5 storm eye shrinking
There is limited time before the storm takes over the map.

As a storm occupies the map faster than ever before in Fortnite, there is only limited time for players to explore areas.

Moreover, players have reported that the storm’s speed had a transverse impact on their gaming experience as it dealt damage of 8/s.

It has led to frustration among the players as there is no balance between the player’s ability to respond and storm closing speed.

Fortnite Chapter 5  Fast Storm: Impact On Gameplay

In this recently launched chapter 5 of Fortnite, Heavy Storm closing with fast speed has an impact on the gameplay.

Due to the random Storm Movements, players are facing difficulty while predicting and avoiding the storm circles.

Several players have reported that the storm teleported to a distant location to catch the player off guard.

Fortnite chapter 5 storm too fast
A player is experiencing the fast-moving Storm in Fortnite.

Due to the unpredictable nature of this storm circle, the players are facing difficulties in their battle royal journey.

Besides that, due to the fast-closing storms, there are only smaller safe zones for players to survive.

However, by using items like Shockwaves and acquiring vehicles, players can outrun the speed of fast-moving storms.

The Bottom Line

During its latest chapter 5 Fortnite has brought exciting updates in the game for players to enjoy its dynamics.

Similarly,  in Chapter 5, Fortnite’s swift storm has become a hot topic of discussion among the gaming community.

In summary, players should use items like Shockwave or find vehicles to outrun the speed of Storm.

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