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Dark Effigy In POE: Mastering The Warlock’s Arsenal

The Dark Effigy is a mysterious and powerful skill in POE.

Although unreleased at the moment, there is significant speculation and anticipation surrounding its potential benefits.

Grinding Gear Games has not announced a release date for the skill.

In POE, the Dark Effigy is a skill granted by the Soul Splitting Notable passive skill in the Warlock of the Mists Ascendancy.

Continue reading to learn more about Dark Effigy and players’ theories about it in POE.

What Is Dark Effigy In POE?

The Warlock’s ascendancy in Path of Exile features the Dark Effigy skill.

The developers have not disclosed its exact details and workings fully yet.

However, players are speculating about its functions based on limited information.

The unreleased Dark Effigy skill, associated with the Warlock’s ascendancy in Path of Exile, is generating much buzz and speculation.

Moreover, some players think it might reflect damage to enemies.

 skill granted by Soul Splitting
The Soul Splitting grants 20 summon Dark Effigy skills.

It might act as a defensive shield by absorbing damage, or even summon a clone of the player.

Additionally, it is likely to be a skill that summons a powerful entity to aid the player in battle.

The Dark Effigy may have multiple functions, such as both a defensive totem and an offensive minion.

Therefore, this would make it a very versatile skill that you can use in a variety of situations.

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Theories On Dark Effigy In POE

The exact details of what the Dark Effigy does in POE are unknown, but there are many theories.

Here are some of the most popular:

1. Summons A Defensive Totem

This is the most popular theory which assumes that the Dark Effigy will summon a totem that takes damage in your place.

Similar to the effigy found on rare monsters.

This would be a powerful defensive tool, especially for builds that are not very tanky.

summon a totem
Players theory that the Dark Effigy will summon a totem.

2. Summons An Offensive Minion

This is another popular theory.

It is thought that the Dark Effigy will summon a minion that fights for you.

This would be a powerful offensive tool, especially for builds that lack damage.

3. Create A Clone Of Yourself

This is a more outlandish theory, but it is still possible.

It is thought that the Dark Effigy will create a clone of yourself that enemies will target instead of you.

This would be a powerful way to distract enemies and avoid damage.

4. Applies A Powerful Curse

This is a less popular theory, but it is still possible.

It is thought that the Dark Effigy will apply a powerful curse to enemies that weaken them or amplify their damage taken.

This would be a powerful tool for both offense and defense.

The Bottom Line

Therefore, the best way to learn more about the Dark Effigy is to keep an eye on the official Path of Exile website and forums.

In the meantime, you can also join the Path of Exile subreddit and Discord server to discuss the Dark Effigy with other players.

Hence, Grinding Gear Games will likely release more information about the skill in the future.

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