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Is The Fortnite Edit Assist Feature Devaulted?

Edit assist is a feature that aids Fortnite players in editing their structure while in the battle.

However, players are wondering whether this feature is legit as some videos have resurfaced on TikTok.

In Fortnite, Edit Assist mode was a feature that was vaulted back in 2019-2020 because it was overpowered and has been absent ever since. Hence, any video surfacing on the internet is false as it is only available for mobile players.

Continue reading this article to learn whether the edit assist feature is coming back on Fortnite.

What Is Edit Assist In Fortnite?

Fortnite constantly introduces new features in the game to test its effectiveness in the gameplay.

Similarly, they introduced a new feature called the Edit Assist mode in the past to help players edit their builds.

According to its description, this feature would automatically correct the miss-edited blocks to the correct structure.

Fake Edit Aim assist video
Fake Edit Aim assist video about Fortnite on the Internet.

So, the game would automatically place a window in the wall even if the player clicked on two edit blocks. 

Hence, it became a good way for new players to edit in the game because of this feature.

Additionally, it also increased the skill level of builders in the game as it fortified their craft.

In the previous versions, players could access this feature under the general settings section.

It was also available for all platforms since it was the testing phase of the feature.

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Why Was The Edit Assist Feature Removed In Fortnite?

Although the edit assist feature made editing very easy, it caused problems at competitive levels.

Firstly, the controller players were using this feature alongside the aim assist feature in Fortnite.

Therefore, it provided an unfair advantage as this combination would correct both their edits and aim.

Additionally, PC players who were known for their builds became the most skilled players in the game.

This completely cast away the mobile players where both building and shooting were insanely hard.

Moreover, new players felt like they could never become average players because of the difference in skill level.

As a result, players started to leave the game because they felt that it was too difficult to play.

Hence, Fortnite removed this feature to revert the game to its default state.

Are The New Edit Assist Videos On TikToks Legit?

No, the edit-assist videos that have recently surfaced on TikTok are not legit at all.

This is because these videos never show how to access this feature from the game settings.

In fact, most of these videos are recorded in mobile versions where this feature is still available.

Additionally, the recent post from Fortnite Updates on X does not mention any patch notes.

Fortnite Status’s recent post on X mentions nothing about the edit assist feature.

Moreover, some players found some frame skips in the video under closer inspection.

Therefore, all these videos were edited to make it seem like this feature was returning to the game.

Hence, users must sway away from these videos as they are nothing but clickbaits in the Tiktok community.

The Bottom Line

The edit assist feature was removed for good as it caused more harm than benefits for the players.

Therefore, players can only find features like turbo building in the current game version.

Hence, players must not believe the fake videos on the internet as they are false information.

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