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Rogue Trader Get Infinite XP Unidentified Voidship

In Rogue Trader, players have discovered a new bug called Unidentified Voidship that grants an infinite XP.

However, the game developers are conducting numerous tests to fix the bugs, as they are aware of the bug.

Unidentified Voidship is the latest infinite XP bug that was discovered in the Rogue Trader game by various gamers. Utilizing it, players can do the Xenos Lore test repeatedly and earn 175 XP.
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What Is Unidentified Voidship Bug?

The Unidentified Voidship is a place that players visit in Rogue Trader before a mission while playing the game.

Furthermore, players will encounter it as one of the first traders, although fighting with traders is not recommended.

The gaming community is concerned about maintaining fair gameplay due to the Unidentified Voidship bug in Rogue Trader.

Recently, many Rogue Trader players have mentioned this bug in different game forums and communities.

Also, it has become a major problem for the developers, as the players can gain unlimited XP using this bug.

So, the developers are working hard to fix this issue because players are gaining too many experience points unfairly.

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Gaining Infinite XP In Rogue Trader

In Rogue, there are many ways to gain XP, either by completing quests or defeating bosses.

However, because of the new game bug, players can gain an infinite amount of XP.

According to online players, this bug occurs in Rogue Trader when they destroy the planet in Rykad Majoris.

When players receive Unidentified Voidship Rumour and explore it, they can now go towards the Rykad Majoris.

Now, players get a chance to do the Xenos Lore test repeatedly, and every time they do it, they will gain 175 XP.

This loop lets players keep gaining experience without limits, which is not the right way to rank up experience points.

Finally, the game doesn’t stop players from doing this loop, allowing them to farm XP endlessly using the bug. 

How To Use Unidentified Voidship Bug?

There are many steps that players can follow to exploit the Unidentified Voidship bug.

First of all, when players are in the game menu, they should first click on Journal.

Starting Menu of Rogue Trader.
Starting Menu of Rogue Trader to use Unidentified Voidship.

Secondly, players should select “Looking For Trouble” from the different options available in the game.

Players will see three options that are all rumours, Warden of the Expanse and Unidentified Voidship.

After choosing the Unidentified Voidship from these options, players will be sent to Rykad Majoris.

Completing Lore Xenos task in Rykad Majoris
Completing Lore Xenos task in Rykad Majoris to get Infinite XP.

After that, players should complete the Lore Xenos task by sending a squad to the planet to explore voidship.

Players will receive a reward of 175 XP upon completing the task, and they can endlessly repeat it.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, game developers are trying hard to address Unidentified Voidship bugs to make the game fair among all players.

This bug won’t be fair to other players. So, players shouldn’t use these kinds of bugs to level up in the game.

Lastly, players should always focus on their skills rather than focusing on bugs like this to level up.

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