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How To Collect Wood From Cave In Lego Fortnite?

In Lego Fortnite, players are curious about how to collect the cave wood as it does not break down easily.

You must obtain the cave woods as they are required for crafting recipes, weapons, etc.

To collect the wood from the cave in Lego Fortnite you will need an uncommon forest axe as the wood will not break with a normal forest axe. 

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What Are The Wood Inside The Cave In Lego Fortnite?

In Lego Fortnite, you can find wood inside the cave which is known as Knotroot.

Furthermore, the knot root looks like branches of trees that grow in the walls of the cave and are very sturdy.

Knotroot wood is the tier 2 wood so you will need this to unlock all of your uncommon tools.

Besides, you also require Knotrood wood for your base upgrades as well as crafting bench upgrades.

Knotroot is the wood inside the cave that has twisted branches.

So collect as much wood from the cave as it is important for crafting various recipes in the game.

You can collect the knotroot by chopping it down however your normal axe is not strong enough to chop it.

So, you must forge a strong axe that can chop down the knot root before you enter the cave.

How To Craft Uncommon Forest Axe?

You must go to the crafting bench and use the materials to craft a new uncommon forest axe.

Furthermore, the Uncommon Forest Axe is a sturdy axe made of bone and strong enough to chop down trees.

To unlock the uncommon Forest Axe you must collect 3 wooden rods and 3 bones.

upgrade bench
Upgrade the crafting bench to level 2 and craft an uncommon forest axe on it.

You can go to the Lumber mill and turn the woods from your inventory into wooden rods.

Moreover, you need Knotroots to unlock weapons like uncommon pickaxes and shovels in Lego Fortnite.

Upgrading The Crafting Bench

First, you must make sure that you have upgraded your crafting bench as it will allow you to get the Forest Axe and Pickaxe.

To upgrade the crafting bench in Lego Fortnite you must collect 8 of the planks.

In addition, you can use these planks for crafting, building materials, and weapons from wood.

Next, you must also collect 3 shells which are the crafting ingredients left behind by Rollers.

Once you upgrade your crafting bench to level 2, you can craft the level 2 uncommon hatchet.

Enter The Cave To Chop The Wood In Lego Fortnite

Open your map to find the location of the cave and enter the cave with your fire torch.

As the wood in the cave is pretty sturdy and hard to chop you must take an uncommon Forest axe inside the cave.

uncommon forest axe
You can only chop down the twisted wood in the cave with an uncommon forest axe.

If you take a normal forest axe with you to chop down the cave wood, it cannot cause any damage to the Knotroot.

Use Uncommon Forest Axe To Obtain Knotroot

The knotroot wood is different from the normal wood inside the cave.

Furthermore, the wood with twisted branches and a dark grey color in the cave is the Knotroot wood.

There are not many knotroot inside one cave so you might have to go into many caves to collect 12 of them.

wood in cave
When you break the wood in the cave walls it will give you knotroots.

Use your uncommon forest axe multiple times continuously on the wood in the cave.

When the wood is in the breaking phase it will start to glow purple so hit until it breaks.

Hence, after the wood in the cave breaks it will give you at least 4 Knot roots.

The Bottom Line

The wood in the caves of Lego Fortnite is a valuable material that will help you to upgrade in the game.

Besides, obtaining the cave wood is not so hard but you will need some insights about the process to collect it.

You just need to prep yourself with the necessary weapons to be able to break down the branches in the cave easily.

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