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Armillary On Ship Or Outpost: What Event To Choose?

Players have multiple options to build their Armillary in Starfield, the ship or the outpost.

However, players must select only one of them for the overall convenience.

If players are confused between building an Armilary on a ship or an outpost, the ship should be a better option. The ship is convenient in usage,  more economical, and easier to escape from dangerous situations while protecting the artifacts.

Continue reading to discover the best option to build the armillary between ships or outposts.

What Is Armillary?

In Starfield, players can customize their ship or outpost with Armially to protect Artifacts.

Armillarys are the safety blocks or boxes that ensure higher protection. 

Artifacts are the exclusive items players can extract on various planets and locations.

The units are not always safe in some locations, so switching them may be the best option.

Moreover, building the Armillary in any location between will grant players both positive and negative consequences.

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Reaching The Armilary’s Option On Ship Or Outpost

The option of building armillary can occur in any of the missions, including High Price to Pay.

Players must make a bold decision to ensure their safety to stop attacks on the Artifacts.

However, players must complete a few events prior they reach there, including,

1. Talk To Noel

To get started with the mission, players should initially talk to Noel.

Players should reach Alpha Centauri, listen to the conversation between Sam and Vladimir Sall and respond accordingly.

Further, players must ensure to save the Artifacts from any possible threats.

2. Visit The Eye 

After giving the assurance of Artifact, players should head over to the eye.

There, players interact with Sam to get to New Atlantis.

Further, players should check on attacked characters, including  Andreja, Barrett, Sarah Morgan and Vladimir.

3. Find everyone in The Lodge

After checking the characters, the players should head out to the Lodge in Jemison.

They will find a huge wooden door to enter the location.

Players should also look after the characters, including Sam Coe, his daughters and a robot named Vasco.

Further, players should also search for injured Matteo Khatri and Walter Stroud on the first floor.

4. Escape The Ship

The player’s next task is finding Noel; initially, players must unlock the Well to find her.

Further, the player must ask for the artifacts; if she refuses, ensure to kill the Hunter first.

A huge chaos arises, so players must run to the elevator and head to the Spaceport.

Some enemies might attack players while escaping to the ship, so it is better to avoid them.

Further, players should take off the spaceship to converse with the Scorpius.

Then again, players just visit the eye and talk with Vladimir.

Finally, players will have the opportunity to choose the build for the Artifact.

Selection: Armillary On Ship Or Outpost 

After completing the few High Price to Pay quests, players must decide where to put the artifacts.

If players are willing to put Artifacts on the ship, they must enter the cockpit and visit the new Armillary Screen.

armillary on ship or outpost
Build Armillary in the shop using the screen.

Otherwise, if players are willing to build Armillary on the outpost, players should enter the new Quest mode.

Players should go to their outpost and deploy the build mode for this.

For higher convenience, building the armillary on space is challenging.

If players are attacked on the outpost, it would be pretty hard to escape; however, the ship can take off easily and is hard to chase down.

Further, players may not be close to the relative outpost when they explore various galaxies and planets for loot.

However, players would be quite close to their ship in maximum scenarios.

Further, players can easily customize the ship and are more economical than outposts in Starfield.

The Bottom Line

Players have multiple options to protect Artifacts, keeping them in Armillary on Ship or Outpost.

However, deploying the Armillary is the better option, as the outposts are less secure.

Nonetheless, it comes down to the player’s preference to continue the event. 

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