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Fortnite Lego Lobby Glitch: How To Get It?

In Fortnite, the Lego lobby glitch is a popular topic of discussion among players.

This glitch allows you to unlock the Lego lobby before they’re officially released.

The Lego lobby glitch allows the players to access the unpublished lobby in Lego Fortnite before the general audience.

Continue reading this article to learn about the lobby glitch in Lego Fortnite.

What Is Lego Lobby Glitch In Fortnite?

The Lego lobby glitch in Fortnite refers to a glitch that allows your character’s skin to automatically change into LEGO skin.

Moreover, the Lego lobby glitch allows players to access the officially unpublished lobby of the game.

lego fortnite lobby
The Lego Fortnite lobby glitch will allow players to access the unreleased lobby in the game.

Players can use this blemish to gain access to new skins, and cosmetics before the general audience.

Moreover, they can access the Lego skins without waiting for the official release of the updates for the game.

However, players can’t play the mode, but they can switch the skins to Lego in the lobby.

Thus, you can view whether an outfit currently has a LEGO style on the outfit’s detail page either in the Item Shop or your Locker.

In Lego Fortnite, players cannot use LEGO clothes in other Fortnite modes.

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How To Perform Lego Lobby Glitch In Fortnite?

This Lobby glitch in Lego Fortnite allows you to get into the lobby early and get the Lego characters inside your lobby.

Once you’re in the Lego lobby, take a look at all the Lego skins.

Add person who already has this glitch and join their Lobby.
Players need to find the person who already has this glitch and join their Lobby.

However, not every skin can be Lego, collab skin doesn’t have Lego variation in the game.

Hence,  any sort of collab skin like a movie skin or a video game skin, any icon skin will not be getting a lego in the game.

Apart from the icon skin, other skin in the Lego Fortnite gets a Lego version.

In addition, if you want to perform this glitch in Lego Fortnite, then follow this procedure.

1. Add Someone Who Has The Glitch

If you know someone who already has this glitch then contact them, or who has the map invite them to the lobby.

Moreover, you need to add that person as a friend, adding them as a friend will allow you to join their Lobby.

2. Favourite The Game Mode

If you favored the Lego map when it first came out, you can be Lego in the lobby.

After that, scroll down and click on the map i.e. Juno, there you can click on the toggle favorite.

Once you have toggled it as a favorite, press L1 twice to favor the map.

3. Exit Back

Players can exit and restart the game to get this mode.

Once to restart your game, you’re going to have this game mode permanently and can wear any Lego skin in the lobby.

However, exploiting glitches can lead to these problems and are:

  • Bans and Penalties: In online games, exploiting bugs may violate terms of service, leading to account bans or other penalties. 
  • Account suspension: Epic Games has a rigorous anti-cheating and glitching policy. This might ban your Lego Fortnite Account.

The Bottom Line

The Lego Fortnite Lobby glitch is a dangerous way of accessing the lobby before officially publishing.

Exploiting glitches, especially in unauthorized or malicious ways, can lead to several negative consequences.

Therefore, maintaining fair play and protecting the gaming environment’s integrity is essential.

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