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Energy Activator: Unlocking The Power In The First Descendant

The First Descendant is a next-gen third-person RPG looter shooter game.

Energy Activator is essential for empowering your Descendant Runes in the First Descendant.

In the First Descendant, an Energy Activator is an item that can be used to increase the Rune Capacity of your weapons and Descendants. Two main ways to obtain the Energy Activators are to complete the Main Quests or the World Missions.

Continue reading to learn more about Energy Activator, how to get it, and its uses.

What Is Energy Activator In The First Descendant?

An Energy Activator is like a special item that strengthens your weapons and magical abilities.

This means that you can equip more Runes on your weapons and Descendants, which can significantly boost power.

It’s a handy tool to help your character upgrade and become more powerful and a better fighter.

There is a limit to the number of Energy Activators that you can use on each type of Rune.

For example, You can only use:

  • 5 Energy Activators on each type of Weapon Rune and
  • 3 Energy Activators on each Descendant Runes
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How To Obtain Energy Activator In The First Descendant?

The following methods should help you gather Energy Activator to enhance your character’s abilities in the game:

1. Complete Main Quests

You can accept the main quests from the NPCs in Kingston.

Therefore, you will need to complete all of the main quests to unlock the ability to obtain Energy Activators.

After that, you can talk to NPC Silion, who you can find in the Albion area.

NPC Silion is a key character when it comes to runes and Energy Activators.

By interacting with them, you can obtain your two Energy Activators.

2. Complete World Missions

World Missions are side missions that you can accept from the NPCs in Albion.

Completing this mission will reward you with various items, including Amorphous Materials.

Amorphous Materials are random boxes containing various items, including Energy Activators.

Simply right-click on your inventory to check, open, and claim the Energy Activators.

3. Twitch Drops

If you’re watching the gameplay of The First Descendant on Twitch, you might receive Energy Activators if you are lucky enough.

To be eligible, ensure your Twitch account is connected to your game account, and then watch during specific promotion periods.

Uses Of Energy Activator In The First Descendant

Here are some uses of Energy Activators in The First Descendant:

1. Rune Capacity Boost

One of the primary uses of Energy Activators is to increase the capacity of your weapons and descendants.

This means you can equip more Runes on your weapons and descendants, enhancing your stats and abilities.

Since all runes are not created equal, some are more important than others, depending on your build and playstyle.

For example, if you are a damage dealer, you should prioritize increasing the capacity of your Weapon Rune.

Increasing Max Rune Capacity.

2. Weapon Enhancement

Energy Activators can also be used to boost the capabilities of your weapons.

Depending on the weapon, this can result in higher damage, better accuracy, or other advantages.

3. Descendant Rune Enhancement

If you have descendant Runes equipped, Energy Activators can also improve their effectiveness.

This means that the special abilities of your descendant characters become more potent and useful in combat.

This can be especially useful in challenging content like high-level dungeons and boss fights.

4. Strategic Upgrades

Using Energy Activators strategically on specific Runes or weapons can tailor your character’s abilities to your preferred playstyle.

For example, depending on your choices, you can boost your character’s offensive capabilities, defensive strengths, or even their support skills.

The Bottom Line

Energy Activator is a power-up item for your weapons and Descendants which can be obtained by completing certain tasks or missions.

While you are in the hub world, keep an eye out for a helpful kit.

This kit allows you to combine different types of runes and can also grant you Energy Activators.

Therefore, you can always ask for help from other players or the game’s community forums if you are unsure which Runes to prioritize.

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