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Explore Darktide Disrupt Destiny: Abilities Of The Psyker

Disrupt Destiny in Darktide is one of the skills that psykers can spec into. The skill promotes a lone wolf playstyle.

Furthermore, the ability only buffs the psyker and not their team members.

The disrupt destiny skill is a keystone for the Psyker operative in Darktide. The skill marks an enemy and upon defeating the enemy provides a buff that can increase the damage, move speed and many other buffs that players can take advantage of.

This article discusses the disrupt destiny in Darktide.

What Is Disrupt Destiny In Darktide? 

Disrupt Destiny is one of the keystone abilities of the Psyker operative.

Psykers are adept at providing various buffs through their abilities to manage the fight flow properly.

When playing as psykers, you need to remember that psykers can get detrimental effects if they accumulate a certain amount of Peril.

In other words, accumulate enough Peril and the next skill you cast will down you in the game.

However, there are ways to manage the peril. The most efficient way is to use the Quell ability.

Disrupt Destiny according to the game reads:

  • Every second, enemies within 25m have a chance of being marked.
  • If you Kill a marked enemy, it replenishes 10% Toughness, grants 20% movement speed for 2.5 seconds, and adds a Precision bonus for 15 seconds.
  • Each precision bonus grants 1% Damage, 2% Critical Damage and 2.5% Weakspot Damage. Precision bonus stacks 15 times.

From the description of the skill, it focuses on constantly defeating enemies, ramping the buff duration and the buff values even more.

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Uses Of Disrupt Destiny In Darktide

There are various uses for the Disrupt Destiny ability in Darktide.

Furthermore, since it is a buff-type ability, players can reliably stack the buff over and over again.

Upon stacking the buff over and over again, players can ramp up their damage massively.

This is a great way to strengthen the Psyker as the mission continues.

destiny disrupt darktide
Destiny disrupt is a keystone for psyker in Darktide.

However, there is a glaring issue with the ability that we will discuss later on.

Thus, players must find ways to keep resetting the timer for the buff.

Moreover, the resetting portion of the skill is where the issue comes into play.

Issues Of Disrupt Destiny In Darktide

The skill depends on proccing the buff after the players defeat an enemy with a mark on them.

Now, this is where the issue arises. The buff will not reset if your teammate ends up downing the enemy instead of you.

This means that in a scenario with a huge number of enemies, the chances of you resetting the buff is lower.

This is because, with various numbers of enemies around you, your team member may end up defeating the enemy instead of you.

Furthermore, since many enemies also mean less visual clarity, you may miss the enemy with the mark on them.

Thus, you lose out on the buff until you find another enemy with the mark on it.

This mechanic is quite frustrating for players, and they are even putting it out to the developers.

However, there has been no news about a change coming any time soon.

The buff itself is quite strong, however, you must constantly reset the timer to yield the best results.

Furthermore, this skill alone encourages the players to play as lone wolves.

Thus, if you want to get the best result out of this skill, it is better to play the game alone.

The Bottom Line

Disrupt destiny is one of the keystones that players can simply use to play the game as a lone wolf.

However, the psyker promotes more of a team play rather than a lone wolf playstyle.

For some players, this ability can be a disadvantage, especially if you prefer playing the game with friends.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning more about the Disrupt Destiny in Darktide.

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