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Fortnite Peely Quest: Place Missing Banana Signs And Sensors

One of the features that makes Fortnite stand out is its colorful and quirky characters, such as Peely.

Peely has been missing since the start of Chapter 5, Season 1, and his friend Jonesy has been trying to find him.

Fortnite has hidden Peely quests that players can complete to help Jonesy rescue Peely and earn some bonus XP and a freeloading screen.

Continue reading to explore more about Peely quests in Fortnite.

Peely Quest In Fortnite

Peely is a humanoid banana with arms and legs, and he has appeared in various skins, outfits, and events in Fortnite.

Generally, Peely is known for his cheerful and adventurous personality, and he often gets into trouble or danger.

Yellow posters with Peely’s face and the word “Missing” on them.

There are two hidden Peely quests in Fortnite: 

  1. Place Missing Banana Signs
  2. Place Sensors Near Society Locations

These are part of the Takedown Quests, which are secret missions that reveal more about the story of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1.

Peely, a beloved banana character, went missing at the start of the season.

Further, Jonesy, his best friend, has been trying to find him ever since.

By placing missing banana signs and sensors, you can help Jonesy track down Peely.

Further, learn more about the mysterious Society that is behind his disappearance.

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How To Complete Peely Quests In Fortnite?

To complete the two hidden Peely quests in Fortnite, you need to do the following:

1. Place Missing Banana Signs

You need to place missing banana signs at six locations along the railroad.

These signs are yellow posters with Peely’s face and the word “Missing” on them.

Generally, they are meant to alert other players and NPCs about Peely’s situation and ask for help.

Thus, to place a sign, interact with the glowing outline.

Significantly, you can find six locations along the railroad to place missing banana signs.

These signs are located at:

  1. Reckless Railways
  2. Southwest of Classy Courts
  3. Southeast of Lavish Lairs
  4. Southeast of Ritzy Riviera
  5. North of Snooty Steppes
  6. South of Fencing Fields
peely quest location
Place missing banana signs at six locations along the railroad.

2. Place Sensors Near Society Locations

You must place sensors near five Society locations to gather intel on Peely’s whereabouts.

Generally, these locations are bases or hideouts where the Society members operate.

The Society is a secret organization that controls the island and its resources, and they have captured Peely for some unknown reason.

Thus, to place a sensor, interact with the glowing sensor outline. 

place sensor
Place sensors near five Society locations.

There are five Society locations where you can place sensors.

However, these locations are home to Chapter 5’s bosses:

  1. Snooty Steppes
  2. Fencing Fields
  3. Reckless Railways
  4. Grand Glacier
  5. Lavish Lair

By placing the sensors, you can spy on the Society and intercept their communications.

You can also learn more about their leaders, who are the bosses of Chapter 5.

Rewards For Completing Peely Quest In Fortnite

The reward for completing the hidden Peely quests in Fortnite is XP and a freeloading screen.

Significantly, you can earn 15,000 XP for each sign or sensor that you place, which adds up to 180,000 XP in total.

However, you can unlock a loading screen called The Great Peely Rescue, which shows Jonesy and Peely escaping from the Society.

This is a limited-time offer, so complete these quests before the season ends.

Thus, if you need more help, you can check out this video that shows you where to find the signs and sensors. 

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