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All Rebel Cookie Skill Sets In CRK

Rebel Cookie is among the new updates in the Dawn of the Dragon in Cookie Run: Kingdom(CRK).

Furthermore, its release generates players’ curiosity about its new skills and abilities in the battle.

Rebel Cookie in CRK  is an S-grade cookie that can decrease the enemies’ DEF, increase the Crit percentage of the allies, provide an HP shield, create two decoys, and help you collect points for Brass Coins Jellies and also create Brass Coins in the game.

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The addition of Rebel Cookie in the Dawn of the Dragon is creating quite a buzz in the gaming community.

Furthermore, Rebel Cookie made a grand entrance in version 4.16 in the Dawn of Dragon update of Cookie Run Kingdom.

A rebel cookie is an ambush cookie in CRK that can damage an enemy’s ranks without damaging them directly.

Rebel Cookie sets its foor into the cookie kingdom to fight for injustice with incredible skills.

In addition, many new features are coming with the January 4 Dawn of the Dragons update in CRK.

Hence, you can get information about the final changes in the patch notes once the update is complete.

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Rebel Cookie is an S-grade Cookie in the Cookie Kingdom who fights for injustice.

Furthermore, he has the skills of a ninja cookie as he can do a high jump up to 10 steps higher.

1. Decrease DEF Of The Enemy

Rebel Cookie has extraordinary abilities and can use his magic to decrease the enemies’ DEF.

When the enemies’ DEF decreases it will make them more vulnerable to all types of damage.

2. Increase Crit Percentage

The best aspect of Rebel Cookie during battle is that he can increase the Crit percentage of the allies.

In addition, he also provides an HP shield for the allies during the battle.

Rebel cookie battle in CRK
The cookie has both defensive and offensive abilities and he can play tricks like creating two decoys during battle.

Hence, the HP Shield helps block damage equal to the damage he deals making him unstoppable.

3. Create Two Decoys

The interesting skill of Rebel Cookie is that he can create two decoys during battle.

These two decoys help gain the advantage during battle by pushing enemies back with each regular attack.

Additionally, the two decoys have several hits instead of HP, which helps charge more frequently.

Rebel Cookie is also resistant to any disturbing effects while using his skills in battle.

The Rebel cookie was initially introduced in Line Cookie Run and since then it is gaining popularity among the players.

He was a famous character in the game as he was able to score more points in the game in comparison to other cookies.

Moreover, the cookie was famous for its high scores and cool quotes like Catch me if you can.

Brass Jellies Rebel cookie
You can earn points for brass coin jellies and also create them after forming the alter ego.

This special cookie can do cool tricks in the game like landing instantly after jumping.

For instance, after jumping 3 to 10 times, the cookie can land instantly if you slide quickly.

This cookie can maintain its energy to 120 while turning into its cloud alter ego.

Hence, this skill set sets it apart and helps players to progress in the game by earning more experience points.

Rebel Cookie performs a unique move where it tosses duplicate dolls at specific times which forms alter egos.

After forming the alter egos, the cookie leaps onto a cloud and shoots forward.

While soaring on the cloud, the previously formed alter egos will emerge.

Hence this will remove obstacles, and toss Brass Coins Jellies when they approach the Cookie.

As you level up, Rebel’s cookie skills also improve and you can get more points for Brass coins jellies and coins.

Rebel Cookie’s special move improves as you level up, giving you more jumps, points, and Brass Coin Jellies.

Furthermore, It’s like having an extra boost to enhance your gaming experience.

For instance, at level 1 rebel cookie energy is 170 and he can throw copy dolls every 27 seconds.

Hence, as he throws the copy doll, this will create alter egos in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

At level 1, the cookie gets 2 extra jumps as a bonus and can collect 36,000 points for Brass Jellies and create 22 Brass Coin Jellies.

Similarly at level 15, the cookie energy is 296 and it throws copy dolls every 27 seconds to create alter egos.

The cookie gets 2 extra jumps as a bonus and can collect 470,000 points for Brass Coins Jellies and create 50 Brass Coin Jellies.

The Bottom Line

The addition of Rebel Cookie is an excellent choice as it helps enhance the gaming experience with cool tricks.

With the help of this cookie, you can earn more XP and points for brass coins jellies to progress in the game.

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