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Monopoly Go Fortune Raiders: Event Details And Rewards

Fortune Raiders is the latest tournament of the Monopoly Go.

The exclusive event runs for two days and provides exclusive rewards for the top finishes.

After completing Monopoly Fortune Raiders milestones, players will receive 1800 dice rolls. The top 10 ranks in the tournament will grant players gold sticker packs, dice rolls and cash.

Continue reading to explore the Fortune Raiders event and its rewards in Monopoly Go.

Monopoly Go Fortune Raiders: Overview

Monopoly Go has introduced another exciting tournament, Fortune Raiders, after the continuous launch of Halloween tournaments.

The Fortune tournament runs from 14:00 Eastern Standard Time on November 1 to November 3, 2023.

Moreover, the tournament is identical to previous tournaments; however, the rewards may vary.

Players can complete 30 separate milestones in the Raiders Events.

In addition, players can receive dice rolls, cash and sticker packs after completing the milestones.

Monopoly go purple sticker pack
Collect the sticker pack after completing the milestone.

If players complete all 30 milestones, they can receive 1800 dice rolls to conquer the opposition’s territory.

Players can even get additional rewards if they secure the top spots in the leaderboard.

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Monopoly Go Fortune Raiders Rewards

Players must face 49 other players and try their luck on the Railway landings in the Fortune Raiders.

The tournament reward is quite identical to the Ghost Chase Halloween Reward.

After managing to finish in the top five spots, players will get the following rewards;

1. First Rank

Upon completing the Fortune Raiders tournament in the top rank, players will get a 5-star Purple sticker pack.

Moreover, the sticker pack guarantees a new card for the players along with 2500 dice rolls and 100 Cash.

fortune raiders monopoly go
Obtain the 2500 dice rolls.

2. Second Rank

The runner-ups of the event will receive a 4-star Gold Blue sticker pack.

In addition, players will get 1200 dice rolls and 50 cash to stabilize their attacks.

3. Third Rank

If players sit on the third rank among 50 contestants, they will get a 3-star Gold Pink sticker pack.

The second runner-up is the receiver of 800 dice and a 40 cash reward in Monopoly Go.

4. Fourth Rank

The fourth-placed player in the Fortune Raiders tournament will earn a sticker pack, the same as the third rank.

However, they will receive only 600 dice rolls and 35 cash to focus on the build.

5. Fifth Rank

The Players who finish fifth in the two-day tournament will receive a 3-star Golld Pink Sticker Pack.

Additionally, they will also obtain 500 dice rolls and 30 cash.

All Monopoly Go Fortune Raiders Rewards 

The rewards for finishes below fifth rank are provided below;

  • Rank 6: 2-star Gold Orange Sticker Pack, 450 Dice and 25 Cash.
  • Rank 7: 2-star Gold Orange Sticker Pack, 400 Dice and 25 Cash.
  • Rank 8: 1-star Gold Green Sticker Pack, 350 Dice and 25 Cash.
  • Rank 9: 1-star Gold Green Sticker Pack, 300 Dice and 25 Cash.
  • Rank 10: 1-star Gold Green Sticker Pack, 250 Dice and 25 Cash. 

Players below the Top 10 finishers will not receive any sticker pack in Fortune Raiders.

Further, Players securing their spots from Rank 11 to 20 will receive cash and dice rolls, depending upon the finish.

In addition, all the remaining players will not even get the dice; hence, they have to settle with just the cash.

The Bottom Line

All the 50 players in the Fortune Raiders tournament will receive a reward depending upon the final finishing.

To secure top finishes in the event, players should focus on bank heists rather than the shutdown.

Players performing the bank heists will receive double the points compared to other tournaments.

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