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Why Is Frozen Meat Glitch Not Working In TotK?

Glitches are a part of any game, and players will find these glitches in one way or another.

However, glitches are indeed exploits and can seriously cause a huge amount of harm within the game.

Players of Totk can now perform a glitch where they can use Frozen Meat to print out tonnes of rupees. However, some players claim this glitch is not working. But, the glitch is still working for most of the player base, and it seems the glitch may not work if you miss a step or two.

Continue reading on why the Frozen Meat glitch is not working and how to perform it again.

What Is Frozen Meat Glitch In Totk?

Frozen meat glitch is a method players use to get rich quickly. Furthermore, players can easily pull off the glitch without going through many steps.

Follow the steps outlined below to perform the Frozen Meat glitch in Totk;

  1. First, obtain two pieces of meat.
  2. Then, fuse each of the pieces of meat onto two different weapons preferably a tree branch.
Stick Fused With Meat In Totk
Stick Fused With Meat in Totk.
  1. Furthermore, players need some available Zonaite.
  2. Then, fuse both weapons with one another.
  3. After the player fuses the weapons together, they must open their Autobuild menu.
  4. Here, they will see a new craftable stick and meat combo. Use this method to craft a new meat-and-stick combo.
  5. Once you are able to create a duplicate of the weapon, fuse it to the original weapon. After you fuse it to the original, you will have four of them.
Duplication Of Meat and Stick Weapon In Totk
Duplication of Meat and Stick weapon in Totk.
  1. Repeat this process several times until you have sixteen of these weapons.
  2. After you have around sixteen of these weapons, go to any icy area in Hyrule.
  3. Equip the weapon, the meat will freeze and pop off from the stick.
  4. After the player can freeze all the meat, they can sell them at a good price of forty thousand rupees for a stack of nine hundred and ninety-nine pieces of frozen meat.
Frozen Meat Duplication Glitch In Totk
Frozen Meat Duplication Glitch in Totk.
Note: This is a basic rundown of how to perform the glitch. However, these steps are not the complete process and may not yield all the benefits of the glitch.

Why Is Frozen Meat Glitch Not Working Totk?

Players may be unable to get the Frozen Meat glitch working due to various factors.

Here is a list of reasons the players may not be able to perform the glitch;

1. Not In An Icy Region

If the players are not in an icy region, this glitch does not work.

Furthermore, in certain cases, even if they are in an icy region, sometimes the glitch may not work, and the players may need to retry it a few times.

2. The Glitch Is Patched Out

Players may be unable to perform the Frozen Meat glitch because Nintendo has already put an update out to stop the glitch.

Furthermore, since glitches such as these harm the game, Nintendo may already be working to fix this glitch.

3. Incomplete Process

If the player skips a few steps in performing the glitch, the glitch will not occur.

Furthermore, the players may think the glitch does not exist in the first place.

The Bottom Line

In any game, using glitches to gain an unfair advantage is an act punishable, and this punishment can lead to the player’s account being banned.

Furthermore, players who exploit these glitches can end up on the watchlist of game companies.

This can cause the players to be unable to purchase any copies of the games from the same publishers; thus please proceed with caution.

Hopefully, this article can help you perform the glitch and obtain vast amounts of currency within the game.

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